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What’s So Funny About Tumblr

15 Jul

Did you remember my last post about Tumblr (to read it click here)? I mentioned something about ReBlog and Heart-This-Post features on Tumblr.

So recently I rejoinned on Tumblr. Only this time, I was able to distuingish the difference usages of my WordPress and my New-Tumblr (to read it click here). I had the later to record my journals related to my activities in learning other languages. I wished that I wouldn’t fail like the last time I had a Tumblr blog. I really wished that I wouldn’t because it showed a certain tendency to reach that stage, again :p

At first, I seemed to successfully fulfilled my purpose on Tumblr. Until one day, I did tumblr-blogwalking. Then I started to follow Tumblr blogs that had nothing to do with my origin purpose. At that time, I thought it would only be for fun.

By following any blogs, again, on Tumblr, it made me remembered something about that I’ve actually already found when I first joined it. This following, reblog, and heart features on Tumblr made the bloggers follow any Tumblr blogs that interested them, also reblogged and or hearted any posts from the Tumblr blogs they followed. And I also fall for it. I reblogged some posts that had nothing to do with my purpose on having a Tumblr blog 😐

I think this is the reason why there are so many non-personal blogs on Tumblr. Too many people published their works on some administered Tumblr blogs. And you wouldn’t imagine how many times an interesting post would be published on different Tumblr blogs. Redundant posts, of course.

There are many Tumblr blogs that are focused on publishing some certain things, devoting the blogs to only one topic. Like this Tumblr blog that I recently joinned due to my big interest on Russia (to read it click here). This Tumblr blog devoted to be photography blog (to read it click here). This one devoted to publish quotes on the blog (to read it click here). Or this Tumblr blog because of my big interest on German National Football Team (to read it click here), especially Thomas Mueller 😉 Definitely not a kind of personal blogs that we usually find in WordPress and or Blogspot.

You wouldn’t imagine how many posts that the owners of that kind of Tumblr blog would submit every day. Wait until you follow them. And just by following a Tumblr blog that publishes anything about Thomas Mueller, I already feel like one of Mueller’s cyber stalker haha 😉


A Tribute to Germany[2]: Loew, I Heart You

11 Jul

I think Germany National Football Team for World Cup 2010 is the only squad that its coach didn’t get blame for the loss. Look how Brazilian supporters dissapointed with Carlos Dunga‘s performance. Some of Argentine supporters forgave Diego Maradona, some of them couldn’t. French with their Raymond Domenech and Italian with their Macello Lippi are the undoubtable facts.

Germany defeated by Spain in the semifinal, but I didn’t think that Loew was to blame. And I also didn’t see any possible reason for that. Somehow it was the fault of the players that got beaten up by Spain. News said, it was their mental that made them lost. The players were already lost before the match even played. See? No reason to be mad at Loew at all.

He designed his strategy and all to defeat Spain. But it couldn’t work because the players didn’t play they were supposed to play. Maybe the team still couldn’t forget how Spain defeated them in Euro 2008 Final. We don’t know about it for sure, right?

In fact, we should be really thankful for Loew. Credits also given toJuergen Klinsmann. The steps were started by Klinsmann and Loew in 2004 for preparation of World Cup 2006. They reformed Germany’s Football, one of it by building a youth national team. After Klinsmann’s retirement, Loew followed and furnished the scheme that they’ve made in 2004.

Although Germany only in the 3rd place on this World Cup, but if I may stated, the team was quite successful. Germany is the only team that have been able to enter World Cup semifinal in the last 3 tournaments. The most stable squad, it is.

Let past only be the past. Germany are looking forward to Euro 2012 now. With their promising young squad, I think it is NOT impossible for them to win the cup. Last night match may be not as impressive as their last match, but the side-kickers of Germany were able to defeat the full team Uruguay, like Kompas said (to read it click here).

People said that Loew will not coach the team after World Cup 2010 ended. But like he stated, who ever will manage the team, he will continue the scheme that Klinsmann and Loew made, and will continue to manage the young National Team.

We heart you Loew, I am 🙂

Sources: Wikipedia, Kompas

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Something About Greece [2]: European Union

15 Jun

Greece is not an A-list european country, though it has wonderful history and beautiful sceneries. It is not the prosperous country where a lot of people migrate to live there. It’s just another tourism spot though not a lot of people really have the thoughts to go there in the first place. Another exotic european country, it is.

Greece National Football Team was also a new player in international football. It was the unpredictable team in Euro 2004, though they won the tournament on the first place. Everybody was like in a big shocked.

But look at Greece today. It hit by the financial crisis. Some said it was because of the global crisis they couldn’t came up with due to their lots of loan to European Union.

And look at Greece National Football Team on World Cup 2010. They defeated by South Korea 0-2. Not a shocking thing I think, if you watched the game. The shocking thing was they didn’t play like European Champion. My friend said, “Greeks play like girls. They should’ve worn skirts instead”. Ha!

To continue my other friend story (to read the story click here), one of the reason they’ll be having holiday on Greece is because the cost spent there is a little bit lower than other country because of the crisis. If only a Greek knew this conversation, I bet he/she will be really sad. I hope they’re going to be better though. And Indonesia also gets financially better.

Lesson learned: Do something the best we can do. Don’t make up with something that is way out of our grasp.

Education Defeat Sport

4 Jun

In my previous post, I talk about my cousin who chose her way in badminton (to read the story click here). Though she hasn’t finished her senior high school yet, thus the future is still undetermined for her, whether to spend her life on sport or quit on it due to education. But the path is clear and she’s following it.

I have new penpal friends from Russian. All of them are sport-lovers and some of them did sport (one is still doing it) for a living. Sorry I don’t know what is the best phrase for it, but they totally in to sport and competed (one is still competing) on it.

1st Russian friend (R1) is in his prep-uni. He’s still competing in Wushu and hoping to attend the Sport University in Moscow and able to join the national team. He won some of international Wodern Wushu tournaments.

2nd Russian friend (R3): is in his 3rd year of college, taking Software Engineering major. He competed on some national High-jump competitions. He had national ranking, but he quitted on it due to college. He said, “I had to choose between High-jump and college, and I chose the latter”.

3rd Russian friend (R3): works on a software developing company at the moment. He was a pretty good swimmer but lost his chance to attend the sport university Swimming major due to high competition. He offered to fill the spot on Modern Pentathlon which he also good at. But he refused because he thought that if only he would devoted his life to sport it must be on Swimming.

My female Russian penpal friends aren’t sport-lovers. They rather like art than sport. Though I still think that sport somehow is an important part of Russian people’s life. Considering that all Russian guys I know are sport-lovers and some were doing it seriously.

Despite of it, education is still thought to be the best way of life. Therefore ones can have what seem to be the real cariers at the future.

I wonder what would my cousin thinks if I tell her this. Do you think I should tell her?