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What’s So Funny About Tumblr

15 Jul

Did you remember my last post about Tumblr (to read it click here)? I mentioned something about ReBlog and Heart-This-Post features on Tumblr.

So recently I rejoinned on Tumblr. Only this time, I was able to distuingish the difference usages of my WordPress and my New-Tumblr (to read it click here). I had the later to record my journals related to my activities in learning other languages. I wished that I wouldn’t fail like the last time I had a Tumblr blog. I really wished that I wouldn’t because it showed a certain tendency to reach that stage, again :p

At first, I seemed to successfully fulfilled my purpose on Tumblr. Until one day, I did tumblr-blogwalking. Then I started to follow Tumblr blogs that had nothing to do with my origin purpose. At that time, I thought it would only be for fun.

By following any blogs, again, on Tumblr, it made me remembered something about that I’ve actually already found when I first joined it. This following, reblog, and heart features on Tumblr made the bloggers follow any Tumblr blogs that interested them, also reblogged and or hearted any posts from the Tumblr blogs they followed. And I also fall for it. I reblogged some posts that had nothing to do with my purpose on having a Tumblr blog 😐

I think this is the reason why there are so many non-personal blogs on Tumblr. Too many people published their works on some administered Tumblr blogs. And you wouldn’t imagine how many times an interesting post would be published on different Tumblr blogs. Redundant posts, of course.

There are many Tumblr blogs that are focused on publishing some certain things, devoting the blogs to only one topic. Like this Tumblr blog that I recently joinned due to my big interest on Russia (to read it click here). This Tumblr blog devoted to be photography blog (to read it click here). This one devoted to publish quotes on the blog (to read it click here). Or this Tumblr blog because of my big interest on German National Football Team (to read it click here), especially Thomas Mueller 😉 Definitely not a kind of personal blogs that we usually find in WordPress and or Blogspot.

You wouldn’t imagine how many posts that the owners of that kind of Tumblr blog would submit every day. Wait until you follow them. And just by following a Tumblr blog that publishes anything about Thomas Mueller, I already feel like one of Mueller’s cyber stalker haha 😉


Something About Greece [1]: Schengen Visa

13 Jun

Happy holiday friends 🙂

I should be working on my final project -which in fact I hadn’t do it yet- from college, that’s why I don’t think about this june as holiday until I had this conversation with my friend last night:
Friend (Fr): We’ll be going to Greece next week.
He said that out of nowhere. When he said ‘we’ or ‘my family’ I knew what he meant was ‘me and my newly married wifey’.
Me: WOW! What are you going to do? A second honeymoon? Haha..
Of course when someone say Greece what I have in mind is the exotic country with its beautiful view. Like in Sisterhood & Travelling Pants and Mamma Mia! movies.
Fr: Hahahahaa.. No, we’re going with friends.
I wanted to tease him, “double honeymoon? ;)”, but instead I said
Me: Ah yes.. It’s summer out there. Will you backpacking?
Fr: No, we’ll be staying at hotel. It’s impossible to get visa without hotel book.
Me: Russia isn’t a Schengen Country?
Fr: No. And a visa costs 70 Euros 😦

Visa is needed to enter another country, to give information what we’ll we do in the destination country, holiday, business, or school. To enter Australia, we need a visa. To enter United States we need another visa. But for Indonesian citizens, we don’t need any visa to enter Singapore, Malaisya, Thailand, Philipinna, Macau, and some other nearest Asian Countries.

To enter Netherland, we need a Schengen Visa. To enter France, we also need a Schengen Visa. Therefore if we want to go to Netherland and afterward visit France, we only need a Schengen Visa. Easier, simpler, and cheaper way to travel around European Countries.

Schengen is a treaty to provide the removal of systematic border controls between the participating countries. Picture below shown us the Schengen Countries (blue) and Schengen Countries with special policies (green). The green-coloured-countries will be blue-coloured-countries in 2011.  The red (England, Ireland) and grey ones (Russia and some other Eastern European Countries ) aren’t Schengen Countries. Therefore we need to provide different visas if we want to enter any of those countries.

I never been to any European Countries. This post is writen based on informations on the internet. You need to read this post, if you want to read more about Schengen Visa Apply to UK. I’m not planning to go to Europe, especially to Greece. But I do really hope that someday I’ll be able to go there.

Have a fun holiday 🙂 Happy summer!

I’m a Proud Indonesian [2]: a Russian Band

7 Jun

Hey young Indonesians! Did you know that there’s a Russian band named Indonesia? Seriously.

Indonesia Band is a Russian modern rock progressive band consists of 4 players. They are:
Coal as Vocalist & Guitarist
Santa as bassist
Demian as Guitarist and soundscaper
Charlie as Drummer

Don’t you proud to be an Indonesian (to read the prequel post click here)? There are 4 young Russians who wanted world to remember them as the name of our country, Indonesia. Them foreigners aren’t ashamed to name themselves as Indonesia, then why are we?

Actually there was a sad story behind the name of the band. The former band players were died in a crashed plane in Indonesia back in 2007. To respect their friends who died in the plane crash, the remaining players named the band as the country where the accident took place, Indonesia.

*I’m really sorry that I’ve been writing the latest posts in english. I just want my thoughts to be heard out of Indonesia. Not that I am ashamed to use our mother language.. or else to be an Indonesia. NO! I declare myself as a proud young Indonesian 🙂