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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Dearest Husband

16 May

I call my parents Mama and Papa. My husband call his parents Ibu and Bapak. My cousins call their parents Bunda and Ayah. My other cousins call their parents Umi and Abi.

I come from a big family who still stick together even after the elders were already passed away. And all of those great parents mentioned above are still alive. To avoid confusion, husband and I don’t want to be called the same with those great alive parents. 

What’s left for my husband and I is to be called as Mami and Papi by our kidMy mom called their parents Mami and Papi. My mom’s Mami and Papi were already passed away years ago. They are burried in the same tombstone, as husband and wife. 

My late grandpa and grandma’s tombstone

The truth is, it has been a blessed that I married to a family man. Husband really helps alot after Baby O was born. He does the house chorus if needed, takes care of Baby O when I’m busy, voluntarily spends time and plays with Baby O, most of the time he even cooks for me.

Husband doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do boy’s night out, doesn’t have any 2nd wife or 2nd girl friend that mommy has to compete with (very important! πŸ˜‚). What can I ask more?

Hopefully, Mami Ori and Papi Ori will always be together until death do us apart, like my mom’s Mami and Papi. Aamiin πŸ™πŸ». Happy 2nd anniversary, Papi Ori 😘. Love you, always ❀️

Our 2nd anniversary dinner in Shaburi, Grand Indonesia


5 Years Age Gap, Not Anymore

29 Jun

Older generation usually marry with someone who is much older or much younger than them. In my grandma and grandpa case, they’re 10 years apart. In my mom and dad case, they’are 5 years apart. Not sure whether it’s the secret recipe of long time marriage for older generation or it is customary for them to marry someone not on their age.

10 years apart means when the older one is in fresh year senior higher school, the younger one is also in fresh year, but elementary school. 5 years apart means when the older one is in fresh year senior high school, the younger one is in 5th grade elementary school. Not sure what kind of topics they can discuss if they meet at school age. Of course they can discuss more topics if they meet at adult age. Although the age gap might put some barriers between them, i.e. language, point of view, etc.

Thank goodness I met my hubby when both of us were in the same year of junior high school. We were just friends back then. Perhaps it’s destiny that we finally got closed after school age. So we both could focused on education first. So we could talk serious matters at the right time, adulthood. Because I always want to be like my mom and dad, each of them is the one and only for the other.

Thank goodness I only 7 months younger than my hubby. Although age doesn’t determine maturity, but hopefully his (im)maturity could be balanced with my (im)maturity. He might be 27 years old this September, but sometimes his mind is like 17 years old, or act like a 7 years old. But it’s okay, because there’s time when I also have a mind of 16 years old, and act like a 6 years old.

Many of my friends marry someone who is around their age, although there are some of my friends who marry their seniors. I remember a friend of mine specifically said that she doesn’t want to have a much older husband. She’s not okay to work as the family backbone for 5 years (for example) after his husband retired in the future. Never think like it before, but hey, she might be right one day. πŸ™‚

How about you and your partner?

Social Networking: How Does It Affect My Life?

30 Nov

This blog entry was intended to be posted for TBI Social Networking 2011 writing contest. But since I couldn’t find the link on its facebook and web page, hence this entry is posted to show someone out there the extra mile. Hope it’s okay, beb. πŸ™‚

At this point of time, I divide my life into pre-boyfriend and post-boyfriend eras. Pre-boyfriend era ended on July this year when I was officially dating my current boyfriend. Post-boyfriend era, with many fights, tears, smiles, loves, and struggles, is still continue until now. Let’s hope there will be happy ending for us both, amen. ❀

The fights and struggles were merely because boyfriend and I are basically different types of person. Cliche, I know, but it’s true. One of the difference is I’m a spare-time-blogger (micro or a complete one), somehow by default I engage with social media alot. Boyfriend in the other hand is someone who, I’m borrowing his word, lives in the real life, unlike me who’s trapped in the cyber world alot.

Pre-boyfriend era was me and my gadgets all the time. Though I socially hanged out and had fun with friends, my hand will never be emptied from my handphone and or my laptop. My twitter account never fall to be updated once in an hour, if not every minutes, even when I was attending a class in college. I knew my friends’ condition by reading through their tweets, not by personally contacting them or so. I even knew alot about celebtwit’s circle of life, the ones that I never met of. More like a stalker, yes I’m aware of that.

Post-boyfriend era means me and boyfriend only, like ALL the time. Less time to update my status on twitter even to hold my handphone more than 5 minutes. Most of the time, when I’m with him, my handphone is safely placed in my bag. How does it feel to have a smartphone in your bag but not be able to use it because of some restriction which is not related to phone credit?

At first, it felt weird to not hold my handphone at my palm anywhere I go. But by the time being, the truth is, I miss nothing. With less time to play with my handphone thus less time to be enganged on twitter, I actually more enganged with my surroundings. At least, I was becoming more aware with people who are physically around me, like people on the side road, those in the same public transportation with me, and the like.

In pre-boyfriend era, in every chance I had, I’ll look at my handphone’s screen the most, just to read people that I follow’s recent tweets, even when I was in the public transportation. I couldn’t hear when the street musicians sang because it just consumed my attention. I wouldn’t noticed if there’s anything happened outside the window (read: in the real world).

In post-boyfriend era, I learned that even a slightest attention to those street musicians, even if we didn’t give them any money, is meaningful for them. Just smile politely, and they’ll smile back at us. Which is meaningful for me too, because I looked and heard more than something I seen on mobile phone screen. There’s a feeling I couldn’t explain everytime I see stranger’s sincere smile.

The one thing that holding me back to never lost contact with twitter is the fact that I got my current job because of it, I owe it THAT much. I read a tweet about job opening in my current company through someone’s timeline. I applied, tested, and accepted to work here until present time.

Social media costed me time I should’ve spent more wisely in the past, but it paid back by giving me a job to work for at the moment. So what does it affect me? You decide. πŸ™‚

When Boys Say “We’re Over”

24 Aug

When commenting on our friend’s on-off relationship, I remember a friend of mine said,

“Whether or not a relationship will still be going on, mostly it depends on the guy. If the guy says, they’re over, no matter how hard the girl wants them to be in a relationship, it won’t happen. If the boy says, they aren’t over, no matter how bad the girl wants them to break up, they will still be an item”.

Based on this knowledge, I let a guy into my life. Correction, I thought he’s a guy, he’s actually still a boy, more or less. It’s not a bad thing though, if you want and or need more dramas in your life.

What’s the difference between them? When a guy says to his partner that their relationship is over, it really means they’re over. When a boy says so, he doesn’t really want them to be over, he just say the word of ‘over’ lightly, because… I don’t know. Can you please cooperate that with me?

It’s one funny thing, actually. Because when a guy says he’s over with his partner, he’ll move on. When a boys says so, he’ll ask his partner to be back to him, eventually, by the time being. So what does the boy really want? What does he really mean? I seriously have no idea.

Source: Flickr

When you’re in a relationship with that kind of guy, you’ll respect your relationship, and the guy more over, because the word of ‘over’ is sacred to both of you. As sacred as the word of ‘talak’ in a marriage, due to my religion. No matter how many the wife says that word, the marriage will still be going on. Different story if it’s the husband who says so.

When you’re in a relationship with that kind of boy, bless you girl. Please kindly share your experience with me. Do you also feel like having a relationship with a teenager, like I do?

P.S.: Dear you, I’ve accepted you the way you are, I’ve compromised enough with it. But I don’t think I can take that any longer, when it’s not worth trying. Because you don’t respect us, more over you don’t believe in me.

There’s no other guy, I do still love you. But I can’t be in an unhealthy relationship anymore. I’ve learned alot from you, it’s true like you said in your notes, that’s why I really thanked you for that. And I’m still thanking you, until now.

I’m done with having Teenage Dream as the soundtrack of my life in the past few months. Let’s grow up now. πŸ™‚