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Would You Still Do It?

18 Mar

Would you still
…wake up earlier than you need to be to spare time to wake up someone by phone though he/she is not easy to call to in the morning?
..eat seafood from fishery market though some said the seafood there has been contaminated with chemical things?
…cook for someone though he/she said your cook is not as what he/she expected?
…go to the appointment when it’s raining heavily outside and you do not have an umbrella? You do not even have a vechicle to drive and using taxi is not an option?
…accompany someone to the hospital though he/she seemed to go there often?
…go to billiard pool because someone asks to though he/she would play it with his/her friends and not with you?
…pick your boyfriend at the airport when he’s back from another city if you’re a girl and you can not drive any vehicle?
…visit the house of your parents-in-law-to-be though it takes all your saving because they live 1000km away from you and airplane ticket is expensive at that time?
…be with someone you love though the relationship is never smooth?

With him, I would. For him, I did.


Happy 20th month anniversary, beb. What a journey, eh. šŸ˜‰


For reminder, read here. ā¤