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Singapore Trip: Singapore Zoo

27 Apr

At first, Kid O wasn’t really as enthusiast as when we visited Legoland. Maybe he didn’t understand what is zoo yet. Maybe in his mind, this was just like going to whatever place with his parents 👪

As always, he’s not really keen to go into green places, it’s a really big homework for us to raise such suburban kid. We thought it’s the best way to introduced Kid O to mother nature. Because bringing Kid O to real mountain (how husband and I love to go back to nature) to hike seemed impossible 💆🏻‍♀️

But after we mentioned Gajah and Monkey, he became excited. He kept on asking, “Ana ajah mi? Ana onki mi?”. Apparently, Kid O is not into trees and jungles. He’s more into the animals inside the jungles ❤️

The Singapore Zoo is so clean it’s not like a zoo at all. We walked comfortably, Kid O sat on his rented trolley calmly (thank goodness there’s rented trolley or stroller, we could choose). When we’re tired we could just took the tram to go around or took a sit on the nearest restaurant 👍🏻

Let’s search for middle way to interact with mother nature, Kid O 😘


Johor Trip: Hotel Ramada Medini

24 Apr

Husband and I had long discussion whether we stayed all night in Singapore and just visited Legoland in the morning and going back to Singapore at night, or we stayed near Legoland. Staying in Legoland Hotel wasn’t an option because we ran out of room 😱

So we chose the later, to stay in a hotel near Legoland in out of nowhere Medini. So Kid O didn’t have to be tired with the trip and could save his energy to play in Legoland all day. We chose not to stay in Johor Baru eventhough it’s the capital city and near with everything because it takes time to go to Legoland from Johor Baru while Kid O couldn’t wake up early 🙈

Hotel Ramada Medini is a family-friendly and child-friendly hotel. They have playground for kids in the hotel. They have 3 swimming pools so we can choose to swim in certain depth. It’s the only hotel we experienced that have seating arrangement for breakfast. So we have to ask the waiter where to be seated. We were seated inside on day 1, and thankfully got outside seat in day 2 🥰

Only RM5 using grab from hotel to Legoland because the bus schedule from hotel in Legoland is unknown. Overall it’s a nice experience 👍🏻

Johor Trip: A Day in Legoland

23 Apr

In every holiday trip, we’re usually lowering our expectation or have no expectation at all to avoid disappointment. That way, we can always manage our happiness level at the highest on holiday 👍🏻

This also happened with our trip to #legoland Malaysia. Knowing that total area is smaller than Ancol, we thought one day visit is enough. We think we should’ve brought Kid O to Ancol first (sungkem dulu sama Dufan) then Legoland. We’re actually afraid that he wouldn’t understand it just like his trip to Sentosa 2 years ago 🙈

Turned out, he was super excited when we told him we’re going to Legoland. “Dedek au tempat ego!”, he said. He was already super happy at the gate, not yet even entered the playground. Seeing how happy Kid O was, all the road trip drama and effort is paid off 😍

He ate alot, he woke up and played many attractions, he didn’t even asked for any our handphone. Totally different attitude with our trip to Penang last december. Hopefully it means Kid O is getting alot healthier now, aamiin 🙏🏻

We ran out of time to play all of the attractions. Part of it because Kid O played several times on the attractions he likes. It wasn’t crowded because not all of Malaysian had their Good Friday holiday. The other part of it because it was raining on the afternoon. Thankfully it coincided with Kid O’s sleeping time

Will definitely want to go back here again for 2 days visit. But first, papimamiori qerja bagai quda dulu 💪🏻

Johor Trip: Woodland-CIQ Immigration Checkpoint

22 Apr

Direct flight to Senai Airport is more expensive, so we took flight to Changi Airport first then continue the trip to Johor via road trip using bus. It means we had to face 4 immigrations check point in a day (Jakarta Soeta, Singapore Changi, Singapore Woodland, Johor CIQ)

There’s actually direct bus from Changi to Legoland but we missed the schedule by 15 minutes, and the next bus departed in the following 2 hours. Wishing to arrive at the hotel at the soonest, we took public tourism bus instead 💪🏻

We were left behind by our bus in Woodland because the bus driver only gave us 15 minutes for the immigration process while it took us 25 minutes. We waited for another 1 hour with hope that we can continue with different bus from the same bus company, but the other bus didn’t come. So we decided to take transit bus to the CIQ eventhough the queue is long

We didn’t really prepared about the transit bus, husband didn’t exchange small Ringgit Malaysia, and we haven’t buy anything yet in RM. So we didn’t have RM3 to pay for the transit bus from Woodland to CIQ. The smallest money we had was RM100 and the bus driver wouldn’t give any change for the buy fare 🤦🏻‍♀️

So we had to asked people from the immigration queue whether they have small money to change with our SGD/RM, and none of them had. Either they used e-money alot or they were afraid of us as strangers 😅

At the end, there was a kind couple who gave us RM3 in coins (malu banget 🙈) so we could be free by this bus transit drama. Apparently there are still many good people in the world, our faith is restored. Better be fully prepared next time 😇

Anemia Survivor

28 Mar

No family’s perfect. Every family is struggling with their own problems. And one of ours is Kid O’s apparently unhealthy red blood. He is rarely sick, but whenever he is, he ended up being hospitalized :’)

Taken on January 2019

Earlier this year (just a day after new year), Kid O’s haemoglobin level dropped to 3.8, the healthy level is 12. We took him to emergency at night, turned out he had to spent nights in the hospital for 4 bags of blood tranfusion (1 bag each day). It was so sudden, we didn’t see it coming. Just 2 hours before he cried crazily telling his stomachache, he was still jumping and rolling on the bed :’)

After series of blood tests (including my blood and his daddy) in the last 3 months, moving from hospital to another hospitals, moving from peds to peds, from peds to haematologist, conclusion has been made today. Kid O in fact has iron deficiency anemia, he got it from me. His condition is more severe than mine, although he seems perfectly healthy. But thank goodness it’s not thalassemia, like the initial diagnosis. Second opinion (or more) when drawing medical conclusion is indeed important :’)

Note to self that anemia when leave untreated may caused a serious illness, especially if pass to baby through pregnancy. Always take our medicines and check up our health periodically 💪🏻

Now Kid O has to take his iron supplement 3 times a day and follow a dietary therapy in the next 3 months. Let get’s healthy Kid O, we can beat it 😘

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kid O

3 Feb

There’s no exact words can describe how grateful we were, and still are, when you came to our life 3 years and 41 weeks ago. How happy our life are since the day we breathed the same air with you. How our tears turn to smile because you are truly rainbow after the rain. How our dark days become bright because you shine through them all ❤️

Please always remember Kid O, that everything we do, we do it for you. You are truly the reason of the choices that we made. Always guide our life like the northern stars we wish you to be. Always be happy and healthy. There’s no exact words can describe how much we love you. Happiest 3rd birthday, Kid O 🎉🎂🎁

And no, we didn’t throw any birthday party to Kid O. It was only a family gathering for Kid O’s birthday blessing. Because we are beyond grateful that we are able to survive the 1st 3 crucial years of Kid O’s life. Cheers for the many years to come, Kid O 😘

Because the most important thing is the prayer from the loved ones. We feel so blessed. Thank you for all the loves 🥰😍❤️

Traveling Bersama Bayi 101

16 Oct

Traveling ketika belum punya anak, jauh lebih simpel dibanding saat punya. Baik saat masih pacaran, ataupun saat sudah menikah tapi belum punya anak. Setiap kali ada long weekend atau hari kerja kejepit, tinggal browsing, booking, packging, and go. Tidak perlu riset panjang ataupun perencanaan yang njelimet.

Sejak punya anak, apalagi masih usia bayi, sebagai orangtua akan banyak pertimbangan setiap kali mau traveling. Haruskah traveling yang fancy atau bisa budget travel. Apakah kota/negara yang dituju baby friendly. Bagaimana dengan itinerary-nya. Peralatan apa saja yang perlu dibawa saat taveling dengan bayi, dan lain sebagainya.

The Who. Saya dan suami penganut paham keluarga adalah yang utama. Yang terpenting adalah dengan siapa kita traveling, bukan tujuannya. Asalkan dengan keluarga, mau kemanapun tujuan travelingnya tidak jadi masalah. Dalam kota, luar kota, dalam negeri, luar negeri, sama saja. 🙂

The Why. Saya dan suami sama-sama percaya bahwa kita perlu traveling selagi masih bisa, walaupun bersama bayi. Karena yang butuh traveling bukan saja orangtua-nya tapi juga si bayi:1️⃣ Agar orangtua bisa menyegarkan kembali pikiran mereka yang sudah pusing dengan rutinitas sehari-hari

2️⃣ Agar si bayi bisa mempelajari hal baru di tempat tujuan dan belajar adaptasi di tempat yang baru

3️⃣ Agar orangtua dan si bayi mempunyai kenang-kenangan ketika si bayi sudah besar nanti

The What. Saya dan suami tidak pernah mematok harus fancy traveling agar si bayi super nyaman atau sebaiknya budget travel saja demi penghematan. Kami pernah menggunakan traveloka, agoda, hotel quickly, bahkan airbnb. Yang terpenting adalah kenyamanan bagi si bayi. Jadi kalau bisa menginap di tempat yang menyediakan sarapan dan kolam renang, apapun bentuk penginapannya, hotel, apartemen, rumah, villa, kenapa tidak. Kalau bisa traveling dengan penerbangan lokal yang tempat duduknya lega, kenapa tidak. Dengan kendaraan umum yang tidak sempit-sempitan, selalu datang tepat waktu, bersih dan nyaman, kenapa tidak.
The Where. Tujuan traveling sudah pasti harus baby friendly. Salah satu tujuan dalam negeri yang baby friendly adalah Puncak, karena banyak tempat rekreasi keluarga di sana. Salah satu tujuan dalam negeri yang baby friendly adalah Singapura. Karena negara ini:
1️⃣ menyediakan ruang khusus bayi, atau setidaknya tempat ganti popok hampir di semua tempat (Koala Kare)

2️⃣ banyak ruangan khusus bayi yang menyediakan pemanas air, sangat berguna bagi orangtua yang ingin membuat susu formula ataupun makanan mpasi

3️⃣ beberapa ruangan khusus bayi mempunyai sensor otomatis tanpa handle pintu, sangat membantu orangtua yang kesusahan membuka handle pintu

4️⃣ trotoar yang lebar dan bisa diakses menggunakan tangga ataupun turunan/naikan, mempermudah orangtua menggunakan stroller dimana saja

5️⃣ ada kursi khusus orangtua (baik ayah ataupun ibu) yang membawa bayi di kendaraan umum (MRT dan bus). Penumpang lainnya bahkan memberikan kursi mereka tanpa diminta jika melihat orangtua membawa bayi yang tidak kedapatan tempat duduk

The When. Salah satu tips traveling dengan bayi adalah tanpa merancang itinerary. Tentukan saja wishlist tujuan ingin kemana, dan bebaskan jadwalnya. Sebagai orangtua, kita pasti tau jadwal tidur dan makan kita. Tapi ketika traveling, semua jadwal rutin bisa berubah, si bayilah yang menentukan. Ketika si bayi ingin makan, orangtua makan. Ketika si bayi ingin tidur, menepilah ke tempat yang agak sepi. Dengan begitu, si bayi tidak akan rewel, dan orangtuapun masih dapat traveling dengan nyaman.

The How. Nah ini yang agak tricky, karena benar-benar bergantung dengan gaya parenting orangtua. Apakah idealis bertahan tetap mau seperti saat di rumah dengan bawa-bawa food processor, atau pilih yang praktis karena sedang liburan dengan makan makanan dewasa/instan. Apakah rela gotong-gotong stroller, atau pilih yang ringan menggunakan hip-seat carrier. Saat anak berumur kurang dari 1 tahun, saya dan suami pilih yang ribet dengan segala peralatan traveling untuk bayi. Setelah bayi kami lebih dari 1 tahun, saya dan suami pilih light traveling agar lebih praktis. Say bye to food processor dan stroller. 😂

Light Traveling using Hipseat Carrier

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