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Holiday in Puncak: The Ranch Puncak

3 Jul

The Ranch Puncak in Mega mendung area, newest favorite place in puncak. It was just newly launched during eid fitr holiday this year. Visitors need to pay entrance fee, but we get free milk in return, or could be treated as food & drink coupon. Yeay! 😆

The Ranch Mega Mendung is a combination of restaurant and playground. The restaurant offers tasty Taste of Bandung food, yummy 😋. While the playground in The Ranch Mega Mendung is rather a family playground than just kid playground because there are so many attractions that could be done as a family. Or at least parents and their kids. Such as:

1️⃣ Horse riding

Only those who are 90cm tall may ride it, so Baby O was still not allowed to. Kids who are still afraid to ride alone can be accompanied by adult from below.

2️⃣ Feeding the calves

Which Baby O was afraid of. It was his first time experience seeing any calves, let alone feeding them. 😀

3️⃣ Feeding the rabbits in front of their holes

Which Baby O was still a little afraid too, eventhough he greeted the rabbits cheerly from afar. Let mommy works on this another time

4️⃣ Feeding baby lambs on the field

Photo taken by Haikal Mahfuz Rize with iPhone 5s only

Unfortunately, it was Baby O’s breastfeeding time and we had been there for too long. So we didn’t check whether Baby O brave enough to fed the baby lambs or not

5️⃣ And many other kid-friendly attractions 🙂

There are also many attractive spots to take pictures to. It is totally a holiday destination for family 👶🏻🐴🐮🐰🐑⛰


[Review] Playground in Jakarta: Miniapolis

27 Feb

One of the perks on accompanying my husband to go to the office on saturday. Baby O gets to play in the Miniapolis Playground in Plaza Indonesia while waiting for his daddy. He cried at first, when husband had to go to work.

But Baby O only cried for a short time, because there are many attractions in the playground that can be played by kids below 2 years old:

1️⃣ Ball pool

Baby O is joyfully swimming with the balls


The unique ball pool where all the balls are cutely white. In other playground, the balls are colorful.

2️⃣ Slide

3️⃣ Swing

There’s a javanese tradition to put baby to sleep using indoor homemade swing. Although husband has javanese blood runs in his vein, Baby O isn’t raised with this tradition. So it was Baby O’s first time experience to swing, on a swing. He was kind of surprise at first. But look how relaxed Baby O’s face enjoying his first swing moment in the playground 🙂

4️⃣ Crick Garden

Husband and I love this multishape blue soft sponge. Parents can creatively build any construction they could imagine for the baby to play. Or let the baby build is also a safe option, since the material is extremely bouncy. For us, it’s introducing Baby O to life size Lego in the playground since he’s a little, yeay

5️⃣ And many other attractions 🙂

Waiting time has never been this interesting ❤️