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[review] Pigeon Baby Products

16 Oct

Pigeon is one of trusted brand for baby products. I use Pigeon products for Baby O’s need from bath, groomimg, nursing, to feeding:

1️⃣ Baby Wash 2 in 1: Baby O hasn’t use this combined liquid soap and shampoo product yet. It comes for free when buying 120ml Feeding Bottle

2️⃣ Hair Lotion: I always apply this product to Baby O’s hair after bath to soften and thicken Baby O’s hair. It has good Chamomile aroma

3️⃣ Cologne: I always give Baby O cologne after bath. This product has good aroma too

4️⃣ Nipple Cream Care: I use this product since Baby O was #1w7d old up to 1 month old. It quickly soothed and healed mommy’s dry skin due to breastfeed

5️⃣ Weaning Bottle with Spoon: When I couldn’t breastfeed directly, Baby O was given breastmilk with spoon weaning bottle up to 3 months old to avoid nipple confusion. Thank goodness Baby O never experienced any nipple confusion

6️⃣ Nursing Bottle: Baby O was given breastmilk using nursing bottle when I had to go to work from maternity leave (4 months old). If only the nursing bottle is embossed like the weaning bottle with spoon, it will be great. Well, it’s just my one two cent

7️⃣ Plate and bowl: Pigeon feeding set is the best price for value product. It comes in simple yet handy design

8️⃣ Spoon: Pigeon is one of baby spoon’s brand that I use to feed Baby O. My hands are comfortable to use it and it’s safe for Baby O too

What about your baby products? 🙂