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Holiday in Singapore: Beautiful Gardens by the Bay

1 May

We went to Singapore on wednesday, we went back to Indonesia on sunday. During the 5 days 4 night in Singapore, we visited Gardens by the Bay in Marina Bay Sands 3 times. Yes, three. It’s not because we didn’t know where to go. It’s indeed we because we knew exactly where we wanted to go, to visit the unforgetable beautiful Supertree Groove in Gardens by the Bay.

Photo taken by Prasetya Wibowo with iPhone 6s only

The 1st time we visited, we arrived there at 8PM in the evening. We were just sight seeing the Supertree Groove and OCBC Skyway from below. We were so tired but totally amazed with the combination of light-music attraction performed during night time.

The 2nd time we visited, we arrived there also around 7PM in the evening. We specifically went there to took countless pictures of Supertree Groove and OCBC Skyway from the ground. No shame about it :p

The 3rd time we visited, we arrived there around 6PM in the evening. Bought tickets to go up to the OCBC Skyway. Ate dinner. Queed to go up. Then walked through the OCBC Skyway to enjoy the light-music attraction from the above

Unfortunately, we only visited the Supertree Groove and OCBC Skyway in Gardens by the Bay. We didn’t visit the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Which are famous to be also beautiful during day time. Maybe next time when we visit Singapore again. Shall we, husband? πŸ˜‰

Photo taken by Prasetya Wibowo with iPhone 6s only


Holiday in Singapore: Baby O’s First Time Holiday Abroad

24 Apr

The trip to Singapore was actually a surprise birthday gift from husband to Baby O (March) and me (April). Never saw husband buy the airplane tickets, out of sudden on Baby O’s birthday, husband handed the 2 ways flight tickets to us. He said, “I know it is Baby O’s birthday, but mommy gets birthday gift too”. So there were we, on my 28th birthday.

Thank you very much, dearest husband for the birthday gift. As people say, don’t spend on time-limited things, better spend on timeless memory 😘❀️❀️

Why Singapore?

Not sure why husband chose Singapore, because our original plan was to visiting Thailand. But thankfully he chose correctly, because turned out, Singapore is a very baby friendly country:

β˜‘οΈ It is very easy to find baby room, or at least the Koala Kare (diaper changing station)

β˜‘οΈ Some baby rooms provide hot water dispenser. Very helpful for parents who need to warm baby milk/baby foods

β˜‘οΈ Some baby rooms are equipped with automated door, no need to open/close door with handle πŸ™ŒπŸ»

β˜‘οΈ Pedestrians can be accessed via stair way or slope. Very helpful for parents who use stroller

β˜‘οΈ Public transports (mrt & bus) have reserved seats for parent carrying baby. Other passangers even give seat for without being asked 😱

Very love to go back there again, dear husband πŸ˜‚. Bye now, until Baby O meets you some time in the future πŸ‘ΆπŸ»βœ‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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[Review] Making Passport for Baby

18 Apr

Baby O’s passport actually has been made back in October last year. We intended to go to Thailand, following husband’s last business trip to the country with his former company. On the last minute, his trip was moved from Bangkok to non-tourism destination, Nakhorn Ratchasima. We then had to abort the plan.

Based on our experience when making Baby O’s own passport, I think it is better to make baby passport in Kantor Imigrasi (Kanim) Kelas I in Indonesia than in Kanim Kelas II. Because Baby O’s passport was made in Kanim Kelas II and the officers didn’t have many experiences in making baby passport 😦

Actually it was a plus that the Kanim Kelass II office had nursing room :). However, it was such a bummer that:

1️⃣ Baby O had to queue with other adults

2️⃣ Baby O only got 2 shots of photo because the officers were not convenient in taking baby photo

3️⃣ Baby O had to come again 1 week after the passport was scheduled to be finished because the officer forgot to add parents’ passport detail in Baby O’s passport

Oh well, lesson learned. Better luck next time, Baby O πŸ™πŸ»

Please wish us a safe trip. Tomorrow we will finally use Baby O’s passport πŸ™‚

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby O :*

27 Mar

My giant baby O was turning 1 last saturday. He was 4.05kg 55cm the day he born. Last month he was already 11kg 76.5cm. All hail the power of breastmilk πŸ™‚

Happy 1st birthday my little star ⭐️. Keep shining bright (Hatsya) on mommy and daddy’s restless night, keep rising (Orion) to achieve the baby milestones unexpectedly. Hopefully you’ll grow to be the most lovable boy and love mommy and daddy the most :*

Just like other people say, the birthday baby might not understand about his 1st birthday. Because any baby’s 1st birthday is for the parents to be grateful that the baby was born and they survive the 1st year of inexperienced parenthood πŸ˜‚

Baby O’s 1st Birthday

That’s why we still decided to celebrate Baby O’s 1st birthday. Not in the form of a party, but small blessing among family as a reminder for us to be always grateful.

Baby O’s 1st Birthday with The Family

Happy birthday, my dearest baby! :*

[Review] Playground in Jakarta: Miniapolis

27 Feb

One of the perks on accompanying my husband to go to the office on saturday. Baby O gets to play in the Miniapolis Playground in Plaza Indonesia while waiting for his daddy. He cried at first, when husband had to go to work.

But Baby O only cried for a short time, because there are many attractions in the playground that can be played by kids below 2 years old:

1️⃣ Ball pool

Baby O is joyfully swimming with the balls


The unique ball pool where all the balls are cutely white. In other playground, the balls are colorful.

2️⃣ Slide

3️⃣ Swing

There’s a javanese tradition to put baby to sleep using indoor homemade swing. Although husband has javanese blood runs in his vein, Baby O isn’t raised with this tradition. So it was Baby O’s first time experience to swing, on a swing. He was kind of surprise at first. But look how relaxed Baby O’s face enjoying his first swing moment in the playground πŸ™‚

4️⃣ Crick Garden

Husband and I love this multishape blue soft sponge. Parents can creatively build any construction they could imagine for the baby to play. Or let the baby build is also a safe option, since the material is extremely bouncy. For us, it’s introducing Baby O to life size Lego in the playground since he’s a little, yeay

5️⃣ And many other attractions πŸ™‚

Waiting time has never been this interesting ❀️

[Review] Baby O’s Disposable Diapers

23 Jan

When fall in love, people tends to give whatever best for their loved ones. Including parents’ love to their kids. They’ll do everything, including sacrifice, to make sure their kids get the best ones. That’s how deep we love Baby O.

It’s commonly known that baby’s diaper and baby’s milk contributed the biggest share of baby daily’s expense. Thank goodness Baby O still gets his exclusive breastmilk, so I could transfer the budget from milk to be added up to diaper’s budget πŸ˜‚

Baby O’s daily disposable diapers history:

1️⃣ Fitti: too thin, possible leak, kind of rough on Baby O’s butt, cause redness. Baby O only wears it for 3 days in the hospital, because it is free for newborn baby

2️⃣ Nepia orange: thin, no leak, soft, no redness. Baby O has worn it from New Born size to L Tape size. Mommy and Baby O loves it so much ❀️

3️⃣ Mamypoko Extradry blue: bulky, no leak, not so rough, sometimes rash. Occassionally buys small amount for stock in case mommy doesn’t have time to buy Nepia orange/genki in Fany Baby Shop at ITC Ambassador

4️⃣ Happy Diapers: just tried the free samples of XL Pant size. A little bit softer than Nepia orange, thin, no leak, no redness visible, extra cute diaper patterns that Baby O loves (see picture below)

5️⃣ Nepia genki: thin, no leak, extra soft, softest than all, totally no redness. Baby O recently wears it because Nepia orange is very hard to find 😦

Ori 39w7d old: Chooses cute Happy Diapers over Nepia genki

It seems Baby O will continue to wear Nepia orange L54 Tape (whenever available) or Nepia genki L54 Tape. Mommy rather chooses Tape diaper than Pant diaper because on the same display size, Tape diaper has larger actual size than Pant diaper. But if Baby O is invited to any diapers party, will surely show up with cute Happy Diapers hihi πŸ˜†

On a side note, Baby O also wears disposable swim diaper, Pampers Splashers. They won’t get bulky when wore in the pool, so Baby O can float easily, nothing weighing him down. They also available in cute characters too, like the sesame street edition that I usually buy for Baby O. Uber cute! 😍

Ori 27w2d old: Ready to first swim

Baby Milestones: May It be Skipped?

21 Dec

Lay, upturn, roll, sit, creep, crawl, stand, walk, run

Ori 2 months old: Resting on his arm

Those are the milestones any baby should achieve in their early stage of life. For psychology sake, it is better not to skip any milestones, because every baby needs to experience every single milestones in his/her life. That is according to Baby O’s pediatrician.

Ori 5.5 months old: Rolling on his own

Baby O first able to rest on his arms when he was 2 months old. However, due to his massive body weight for his age, Baby O is able to roll around by his own on his 5.5 months old. He is able to sit on his 6.5 months old. And able to creep on his 7.5 months old. He is supposed to start crawling on his knees these days but he finds it is hard to do on bed.

Ori 6.5 months old: Sit on his own

To be noted, Baby O usually spends his days on bed, or on his walker. Husband or I rarely put him on floor, because no floor available to explore in his bedroom, all space for bed. The open space is available in the living room, but we rarely sit on the living room. Either we are too tired at night on weekday, or too busy outside the house on weekend.

Ori 7.5 months old: Creeping on his feet

So it seems that Baby O will skip the crawl step and move forward to the stand up step. On his 8.5 months old, he is currently figuring out how to stand up on his own by always find ways to rest his body on his daddy whenever we are on bed. Maybe he is afraid on the floor and rather feels safe on bed thus achieve baby milestones, only on bed.

Ori 8.5 months old: Standing up on his own

We are half proud and half confused parents, should we insist him on crawling first? What do you think, parents? What about your baby?