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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Dearest Husband

16 May

I call my parents Mama and Papa. My husband call his parents Ibu and Bapak. My cousins call their parents Bunda and Ayah. My other cousins call their parents Umi and Abi.

I come from a big family who still stick together even after the elders were already passed away. And all of those great parents mentioned above are still alive. To avoid confusion, husband and I don’t want to be called the same with those great alive parents. 

What’s left for my husband and I is to be called as Mami and Papi by our kidMy mom called their parents Mami and Papi. My mom’s Mami and Papi were already passed away years ago. They are burried in the same tombstone, as husband and wife. 

My late grandpa and grandma’s tombstone

The truth is, it has been a blessed that I married to a family man. Husband really helps alot after Baby O was born. He does the house chorus if needed, takes care of Baby O when I’m busy, voluntarily spends time and plays with Baby O, most of the time he even cooks for me.

Husband doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do boy’s night out, doesn’t have any 2nd wife or 2nd girl friend that mommy has to compete with (very important! 😂). What can I ask more?

Hopefully, Mami Ori and Papi Ori will always be together until death do us apart, like my mom’s Mami and Papi. Aamiin 🙏🏻. Happy 2nd anniversary, Papi Ori 😘. Love you, always ❤️

Our 2nd anniversary dinner in Shaburi, Grand Indonesia


By Fate and or By Choice?

25 Oct

Someone-really-special-to-me accused me that I don’t love him because I could never understand what he really want to, I could never get what is his feeling, I could never listen and remember what he said.

After all the things that I’ve done for him, that I’ve done with him, but all he could say was I don’t love him (enough), I began to doubt what love is. I thought I know what it is, but turned out I don’t.

After all the patience, the waiting, the understanding, the sacrifice, all the things that I did in the last 2 years just to be with him is not called love, then perhaps I really don’t know what love is.

He said we met again after separated 9 years was fate, and I believe him.
He said we’re finally together is because he loves me and I love him, and I believe that.
Then he started to doubt me, accused me that I don’t love him, that we’re together because of choice not fate.


What is wrong with being together by choice? Despite of all the choices I could make, I chose to be together with him. What’s more committing than that? And that’s the wrong one?

Dear you, we were together by fate and supported by choice. What’s stronger than that? Yet we couldn’t be together any longer. I don’t understand.

When It Comes to Love

19 May

When it comes to love
…even a smart person can be stupid.
…a healthy person can be sick.
…a full-sighted person can be blind.

But sometimes we have to learn
…that something is so high in the sky for us to reach
…that something is not for us to have
…that something is what we really need to let go.

Would You Still Do It?

18 Mar

Would you still
…wake up earlier than you need to be to spare time to wake up someone by phone though he/she is not easy to call to in the morning?
..eat seafood from fishery market though some said the seafood there has been contaminated with chemical things?
…cook for someone though he/she said your cook is not as what he/she expected?
…go to the appointment when it’s raining heavily outside and you do not have an umbrella? You do not even have a vechicle to drive and using taxi is not an option?
…accompany someone to the hospital though he/she seemed to go there often?
…go to billiard pool because someone asks to though he/she would play it with his/her friends and not with you?
…pick your boyfriend at the airport when he’s back from another city if you’re a girl and you can not drive any vehicle?
…visit the house of your parents-in-law-to-be though it takes all your saving because they live 1000km away from you and airplane ticket is expensive at that time?
…be with someone you love though the relationship is never smooth?

With him, I would. For him, I did.


Happy 20th month anniversary, beb. What a journey, eh. 😉


For reminder, read here. ❤

A Story of Romeo and Juliet

21 May

They were Italians, whose story being told as the symbol of true love by the world, thanks to Shakespeare.
They were love birds, who madly in love to each other.
They were a couple, who came from conflicted families, thus their love to each other were forbidden.
They were still so young, when they faced tragic ending of their lifes because they didn’t want to be separated.
I’m no Juliet and don’t wanna be like her, thus I won’t wait for any Romeo to come.
I do believe that love happens between two persons and their family will follow the rest.
But whenever I’m in love, I don’t want it to be ended the way Romeo and Juliet did.
Because, in my opinion, we don’t need to have tragic-dead-in-young-age-partner, more over ouselves, to prove everlasting love.
Do you wanna be like them? Or do you wanna create your own story of (love) life? 🙂

Source: Flickr

P.S.: Dear you, thank you for the idea. Though perhaps it doesn’t come out the way you wish it to be. 😉

Posts on September

1 Sep

One of the reason why I love WordPress is because it provides statistics and details of them. Picture below shows how active I was on my blog since January 2010.

I started to write on this newly blog address since February 2010. You could see that, in my humble opinion, I published too many posts per month, except in May where I had exams at campus that month. For that, I think I’m gonna slow down on September. I haven’t posted anything since last week of August until now.

I hope you could still enjoy my blog! Please keep on reading dear faithful readers 🙂

What’s So Funny About Tumblr

15 Jul

Did you remember my last post about Tumblr (to read it click here)? I mentioned something about ReBlog and Heart-This-Post features on Tumblr.

So recently I rejoinned on Tumblr. Only this time, I was able to distuingish the difference usages of my WordPress and my New-Tumblr (to read it click here). I had the later to record my journals related to my activities in learning other languages. I wished that I wouldn’t fail like the last time I had a Tumblr blog. I really wished that I wouldn’t because it showed a certain tendency to reach that stage, again :p

At first, I seemed to successfully fulfilled my purpose on Tumblr. Until one day, I did tumblr-blogwalking. Then I started to follow Tumblr blogs that had nothing to do with my origin purpose. At that time, I thought it would only be for fun.

By following any blogs, again, on Tumblr, it made me remembered something about that I’ve actually already found when I first joined it. This following, reblog, and heart features on Tumblr made the bloggers follow any Tumblr blogs that interested them, also reblogged and or hearted any posts from the Tumblr blogs they followed. And I also fall for it. I reblogged some posts that had nothing to do with my purpose on having a Tumblr blog 😐

I think this is the reason why there are so many non-personal blogs on Tumblr. Too many people published their works on some administered Tumblr blogs. And you wouldn’t imagine how many times an interesting post would be published on different Tumblr blogs. Redundant posts, of course.

There are many Tumblr blogs that are focused on publishing some certain things, devoting the blogs to only one topic. Like this Tumblr blog that I recently joinned due to my big interest on Russia (to read it click here). This Tumblr blog devoted to be photography blog (to read it click here). This one devoted to publish quotes on the blog (to read it click here). Or this Tumblr blog because of my big interest on German National Football Team (to read it click here), especially Thomas Mueller 😉 Definitely not a kind of personal blogs that we usually find in WordPress and or Blogspot.

You wouldn’t imagine how many posts that the owners of that kind of Tumblr blog would submit every day. Wait until you follow them. And just by following a Tumblr blog that publishes anything about Thomas Mueller, I already feel like one of Mueller’s cyber stalker haha 😉