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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Dearest Husband

16 May

I call my parents Mama and Papa. My husband call his parents Ibu and Bapak. My cousins call their parents Bunda and Ayah. My other cousins call their parents Umi and Abi.

I come from a big family who still stick together even after the elders were already passed away. And all of those great parents mentioned above are still alive. To avoid confusion, husband and I don’t want to be called the same with those great alive parents. 

What’s left for my husband and I is to be called as Mami and Papi by our kidMy mom called their parents Mami and Papi. My mom’s Mami and Papi were already passed away years ago. They are burried in the same tombstone, as husband and wife. 

My late grandpa and grandma’s tombstone

The truth is, it has been a blessed that I married to a family man. Husband really helps alot after Baby O was born. He does the house chorus if needed, takes care of Baby O when I’m busy, voluntarily spends time and plays with Baby O, most of the time he even cooks for me.

Husband doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do boy’s night out, doesn’t have any 2nd wife or 2nd girl friend that mommy has to compete with (very important! 😂). What can I ask more?

Hopefully, Mami Ori and Papi Ori will always be together until death do us apart, like my mom’s Mami and Papi. Aamiin 🙏🏻. Happy 2nd anniversary, Papi Ori 😘. Love you, always ❤️

Our 2nd anniversary dinner in Shaburi, Grand Indonesia


By Fate and or By Choice?

25 Oct

Someone-really-special-to-me accused me that I don’t love him because I could never understand what he really want to, I could never get what is his feeling, I could never listen and remember what he said.

After all the things that I’ve done for him, that I’ve done with him, but all he could say was I don’t love him (enough), I began to doubt what love is. I thought I know what it is, but turned out I don’t.

After all the patience, the waiting, the understanding, the sacrifice, all the things that I did in the last 2 years just to be with him is not called love, then perhaps I really don’t know what love is.

He said we met again after separated 9 years was fate, and I believe him.
He said we’re finally together is because he loves me and I love him, and I believe that.
Then he started to doubt me, accused me that I don’t love him, that we’re together because of choice not fate.


What is wrong with being together by choice? Despite of all the choices I could make, I chose to be together with him. What’s more committing than that? And that’s the wrong one?

Dear you, we were together by fate and supported by choice. What’s stronger than that? Yet we couldn’t be together any longer. I don’t understand.

Life is About Choices to Make

8 Sep

Whether we realize it or not, our life is full of choices to be made. As simple as whether we want to get up early or wake up late, whether we want to have breakfast or skip to lunch, or even as big as major decision that will shape our life in the future.

Whether we want it or not, there will always be consequence(s) to the decision we made. To get up early and will arrive at the office before working hour, or wake up late and will have to face the traffic jam in the way to the office. To have breakfast and will be able to concentrate to work, or skip breakfast and will have to check the clock every hour in waiting for lunch time.

Think of our life as a journey and the decisions are the crossroads that we should face along the journey. We’re the one who gets to decide whether we want to turn right thus headed right away to our destination and arrive on time, or to turn left to detour so we could enjoy the beatiful scenery but arrive late. In every single crossroad.


As a journey, ofcourse the choices to be made also including whether we’re going to the right destination, and whether we’re going with the right vehicle and the right partner. Whether s/he is the driver and we’re the navigator, or the other way around. Although using auto-pilot is also included as an option.

But some people said there’s no definite right and wrong in life. Life is even when we get the right answer, we could still be screwed because it’s not right according to other people’s perpective. By that point of view, we’re wrong and they’re the correct one.

Life is also not a textbook question where we get 10 points per correct answer. Sometimes it’s better not to keep score because not all things in life could be reset to point zero when everything turned up to be so messed up.

Life is about choice whether we want to see things as they are, or we only see things that we want to see. Like the breath taking view but only for short path or beautiful view for long lasting one. Your choice.

Whom Do You Look Up On To?

8 Jun

Are you an employee? If you’re not, let’s imagine you’re one.

What will you feel when your colleague whom entered the company at the same time with you already sent to visit another city months ago when you only had the chance months later? What will you feel when the other colleague whom entered the company after you already visited another place in urban settlement, while the first place you visited on your first time away assignment is on rural settlement?

If your life’s parameter is based on someone else’s life, I bet you’ll feel miserable, you’ll feel down. Even if you don’t put any feeling to your work, you’ll still think bad of yourself. Like how couldn’t you be at least as good as your colleagues? Right?

Source: here

The two cases above were what happened to me. But thank goodness, I never rised me to set my life based on other people’s parameter. That’s why when my colleague was sent to another city yet I’m stuck at the office, I think of the positive side; hey, I’m needed by the office. That’s why when my colleague was sent to a capital city of a province on her first away assignment yet I was sent to far away land on my first away assignment, I only see the fun side of it; on what other occassion will I be visiting place like it.

So, do you have someone to adore to? Set your standard high, you’ll work hard your ass of for the rest of your life. Set your standard low, you’ll cherish every moment of your life. Whom ever you choose, it will define how you’re gonna spend your life, so be careful with it.

I choose to set the standard by my self, and I value my self high. Go figure how my life’s gonna be. 🙂

First Time Experience

24 Jun

Have you ever
…played billiard?
…took an air-conditioned economic bus to another city?
…slept at a train station?
…took a walk on a traditional market at night?
…took a public transportation with a living animal, such as rooster, inside?
…sat on the floor in a public transportation?
…slipped on a coral and cut your feet open?
…asked your parents to borrow their car though you can’t drive?
…accompanied someone to the bus station though you didn’t have the intention to go out of house?
…washed and ironed someone’s clothes who isn’t your family member?
…heartily cooked for someone you really care for?

With him, I had. For him, I did.

Source: Flickr

P.S.: Dear you, thanks for all the life experiences you gave, taught, and accompanied me. Hope I could make them up to you someday. Still love you all the way, until now.

What We Can Learn From Cartoons

10 Mar

I know I’m already twenty-something, but that doesn’t mean I have to leave my habit to read manga, to watch anime, to enjoy cartoons, right? 🙂 My younger sister who doesn’t like any kind of cartoons would never understand that we could really learn alot from cartoons. Believe me.

We could learn about japan alot from Detective Conan. Could you believe I learned about Narita International Airport from it? We could learn about classical music from Nodame Cantabile and Piano No Mori. Rachmaninoff, Chopin, beat me. We could learn about medical things from Say Hell to Black Jack, the one that led me watching tons of hollywood serial tv about lifes in the hospital.

We could learn about working environment from Dilbert. I’ve been reading it since I was still in school from Kompas Newspaper, not understand any of the jokes, until now, the time for me to enter the real life. We could learn about campus life from PhD Comics. I’m not a graduate student, but I could enjoy most of the strips because it turns out all campus life is almost the same. 🙂

What do we have when there’s no entertainment left at home? Our television, I guess. Don’t expect too much from local programs. I rather choose to watch Upin & Ipin than to watch any of those unimaginably nonsense sinetron. We could learn too many life lessons and wisdoms without being bored by it. And the most inspirational cartoons for me by far? SpongeBob SquarePants!

I remember how I used to dislike SpongeBob when I was still in junior high school and grunted whenever it was aired on television. It just didn’t make any sense to me. A living sponge which talks like human and lives under the sea? Those citizens of Bikini Bottom also have rainy days, again, under the sea, and all normal things like us who normally live above the sea. No way.

Don’t blame me if Stephen Hillenburg meant to create SpongeBob as a sea sponge instead of a kitchen sponge.

But by time, I learned that the living sponge isn’t the kitchen sponge we use to wash the dishes, but the sea sponge that indeed is a living creature, thanks to senior high school biology! And hey, all cartoons are not making any of our senses, that’s the beauty of them. That’s why they’re cartoons. 🙂

Or perhaps, I didn’t like to watch SpongeBob in the past because I didn’t really understand the jokes, hence I saw it weird. And whoever says SpongeBob SquarePants is something for kids to watch, I tell you what, it’s not. Whoever says mangas are something for kids to read, I tell you what, they’re not. They’re actually made for adults in a cute way, so kids (and people who don’t know) will disguise it as kids’ consumable goods.

Did you know that as a character, SpongeBob was born on July 14th, 1986? 😀


What’s better than serving up smiles?
(SpongeBob Squarepants)

I Should Be Studying By Now

16 May

Remembering that I have final exams waiting for the next two weeks (starts from Monday 18/05/2009), I should be studying by now… But I can’t concentrate on what I should read.

It’s because of the little fight I had with my mom a few hours ago, due to my newest sickness anemia that I got.

Why can’t I have a normal-peace life…ARGH