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Happy 3rd Birthday, Kid O

3 Feb

There’s no exact words can describe how grateful we were, and still are, when you came to our life 3 years and 41 weeks ago. How happy our life are since the day we breathed the same air with you. How our tears turn to smile because you are truly rainbow after the rain. How our dark days become bright because you shine through them all ❤️

Please always remember Kid O, that everything we do, we do it for you. You are truly the reason of the choices that we made. Always guide our life like the northern stars we wish you to be. Always be happy and healthy. There’s no exact words can describe how much we love you. Happiest 3rd birthday, Kid O 🎉🎂🎁

And no, we didn’t throw any birthday party to Kid O. It was only a family gathering for Kid O’s birthday blessing. Because we are beyond grateful that we are able to survive the 1st 3 crucial years of Kid O’s life. Cheers for the many years to come, Kid O 😘

Because the most important thing is the prayer from the loved ones. We feel so blessed. Thank you for all the loves 🥰😍❤️


Baby O’s First Time Experience [4]: Going to The Cinema

19 Aug

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Before/after watching movie, husband and I usually only take a picture in front of the movie poster. But since yesterday night is Baby O’s first time experience going to the cinema, taking a picture in front of the standing character is a must.

Cinema XXI Kota Kasablanka: Ori 20w7d old

Yes, it’s only counted as Baby O’s first time going to the cinema, not watching it. Because Baby O didn’t watch the movie at all. He just fall asleep during the movie, right after the trailers and the commercials. 😀

There were several times when pregnant-me watched movie in the cinema with husband. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t really a trouble to bring Baby O to the cinema for the first time. Baby O wasn’t disturbed by the loud noise, eventhough he didn’t wear his earmuffs. He wasn’t disturbed by the darkness either, it helped him to sleep soundly.

XXI Kota Kasablanka, Ori 20w7d old

I’m a proud mother. Let’s go to the cinema again, baby 😀

Happy 1st Anniversary, Babe :*

16 May

Thank you for always being there for me in the past 1 year of our marriage and years before it..

Thank you for being the best husband I could ever have in the most amazing 1 year of my life..

Thank you for protecting, guiding, providing me the best you could ever do in the 1st 1 year of our marriage and hope it will always continue to 50 more years..

Thank you for giving and having Baby Ori with me. Hope we can be the best parents he could ever have..

Thank you for everything that you’ve ever done for me, Baby Ori, and our little family. Hope we can always fill each day with smile, laugh, and love for the 50 years ahead us..

Love you always till the end, Babe :*

Always love,

Grateful Wife