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[Review] Great Job, Tokopedia

30 Jan

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Usually, I buy Baby O’s disposable swim diaper from an online shop via instagram. After confirming the product is ready stocked through whatsapp by chatting with the shop’s owner/admin, mommy will transfer the payment via online banking. The shop will then send the package using one of mail shipment’s option (JNE regular). If the online shop is also located in Greater Jakarta, I could only received the package one day after the transaction, at the earliest.
Just recently, I bought Baby O’s disposable swim diaper using one of Indonesia’s e-commerce, tokopedia. I could directly confirmed whether the product was ready stocked or not, from the site. I paid the product via e-commerce payment in online banking. Then the online shop would send the package using one of one day service shipment, Go-send by Gojek, if the shop is also located in Greater Jakarta. I could received the package on the same day with the transaction made. Yeiy! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Gojek is actually started as an ojek online smartphone application. This application allow users to search for available ojek riders nearby to bring them to any destination they want, with in the city. Unlike the traditional ojek where the fare is decided by the rider, Gojek standardized the fare by distance and time. The longer the distance, the busier the time, the higher the fare

It’s also started from Tokopedia where buying online could be with fast response, easy process, quick delivery (less than 2 hours since payment made πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ») and no more hassle in registering new bank transfer destination. Although I bought Pampers Splashers in pieces, not in pack, but the received pieces of swim diapers are guaranteed original product. Yeiy! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Sesame Street Edition of Pampers Splashers

Baby O’s First Time Experience [5]: Floating on Swimming Pool

22 Aug

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Yesterday was Baby O’s first time swimming experience. On his first introduction to swimming pool, Baby O cried a lot. Perhaps because the water was cold at 7 AM. Northern part of Bandung City was surely cold enough for an adult to swim in the morning, let alone a baby.

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

After waited until the sun heated the pool, husband and Baby O tried to swim again. At first, Baby O didn’t like the idea of lots of water below him. He hugged husband all the time and didn’t want to let go. After husband played with him long enough in the pool, he finally let go his arms from husband’s body and not crying when I put the neckring on him.

After several minutes floating while hugging the neck ring, Baby O could finally smile and laugh while floating. Yes, floating on the swimming pool, not yet swimming. But it’s okay. He could progress all that in one morning, I’m a proud mother. πŸ˜€

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

Let’s go floating on the pool again, baby :*

Local Miniature Park in Indonesia

29 Jan

The hope is to visit Madurodam, the miniature park, in Netherlands. It shows model replicas of famous landmarks in Netherlands. But in reality, we could not fly to Netherlands yet. So, visiting a miniature park in Lembang is already a blessed for us. 

Madurodam, Netherlands

More ever, husband loves vehicle replicas very much, from aeroplane to bajaj, including train. So, visiting Train Miniature Park inside Floating Market Lembang was his heaven. It’s lovely to see he doesn’t loose his childishness yet even though in around 8 more weeks he’s going to be a father. Well, boys will always be boys. πŸ˜‰

In the Train Miniature Park, we could find passenger train to cargo train running on rails surrounding the routes using remote control. The rails could be on the land, on a bridge, or even under a tunnel. There are also miniature of amusement park, train station, houses, bridges etc there.

Train Miniature Park, Floating Market Lembang, Indonesia

It surely is a fun place to visit with family during holiday, especially when you have little ones in the family. Me and husband surely will come back to this place one day, when Baby O is much older. Can’t wait for it. πŸ™‚

Only With iPhone

27 Jul

Husband and I are usually backpacking, wee rarely do fancy traveling. That’s why the concept of traveling with SLR camera doesn’t fitted with our traveling concept. Because we need to travel light since we don’t want to burden our backbones by adding unnecesarry weight.

It’s really important for both us to get creative with our smartphone’s camera. We don’t even want to bring tripod whenever we travel, because it will add another weight to the luggage. We just use another tools as the standing base for the smartphone (read here for the example).

And we’re always satisfied with the photo result from our iPhone cameras.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 3Gs. Taken on March 2013 in Sanur Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia.

  Photo by Mutia Afifah Riza using iPhone 4. Taken on July 2015 in Harapan Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

  Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on November 2014 in Karimun Jawa Island, Central Java, Indonesia.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on July 2015 in Dolphin Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

What about you? How important for you an SLR camera when traveling? πŸ˜€

Karimun Jawa [1]: Thank God, I’m Alive

30 Nov

Enggak, kali ini saya enggak hiperbola. Tapi beneran bersyukur saya bisa balik ke Jakarta tanpa harus dibungkus dalam kantong mayat.

Waktu itu, saya agak deg-degan juga diajak BF ke Karimun Jawa bareng teman-temannya. Karena, enggak jarang saya dengar berita di tv mengenai wisatawan Karimun Jawa yang pulang dalam kantong mayat karena nekat diving saat Laut Jawa lagi bergelombang.

Tips ke Karimun Jawa: Cek ke agen perjalanan apakah bulan yg ingin dikunjungi merupakan waktu yg aman. Liburan ke pantai enggak seru kalau tanpa snorkeling. Baca di sini untuk tau bulan yang aman ke Karimun Jawa.

Enough with death story, karena Karimun Jawa baguuuss banget jadi tujuan wisata. Benar-benar bikin fresh, enggak mikirin kerjaan (haha!) atau soal kematian sama sekali. Bisa snorkeling, main banana boat, mengunjungi penangkaran hiu, berjemur di pantai, atau naik bukit juga bisa.

Difoto menggunakan Underwater Camera milik Agen Perjalanan

Tips berfoto underwater: Jangan lupa siapkan remah2 roti setiap kali akan snorkeling di laut apalagi ingin berfoto underwater. School of fish tidak akan segan2 mendekati kita kalau kita berbaik hati menebar remah2 roti di laut πŸ˜‰

Karimun Jawa tidak hanya menawarkan wisata pantai. Di sana ada hutan mangrove yang bisa dikunjungi kalau kita bosan melihat hutan di dasar laut. Ada Flower Hills alias taman bunga di puncak bukit dengan view laut. Juga ada Bukit Jokotuwo alias bukit sakti yang menyimpan fosil ikan raksasa dan tasbih raksasa di puncaknya.


Difoto menggunakan iPhone 5s dari atas Bukit Jokotuwo, Pulau Karimun Jawa, Indonesia

Jangan lupa pakai sunblock apapun jadwal kegiatan di hari itu. Yang membuat kulit saya lebih gelap sepulang dari Karimun Jawa bukan karena puas snorkeling 2 harian, tapi karena enggak pakai sunblock di hari terakhir waktu menjelajah keliling pulau naik motor.

Tips ke Karimun Jawa: Selalu pakai sunblock saat mau jalan keluar dari penginapan, walaupun hanya untuk belanja cemilan ke warung sebelah. Matahari di tengah pulau biasanya lebih ganas daripada matahari di daratan.

Mesti rajin nabung biar bisa jalan2 lagi nih. Yuk ah πŸ™‚

Budgeted-travel Tips and Tricks

1 Apr

Always search and check for informations about the travel destination. There are many ways to go to Rome, including to our travel destination. If you can’t afford plane, go by train. If you still can’t afford it, bus is always an option.

To wander around the city, you can rent a car for day(s) or even rent a motorcycle. Using public transportation like MRT, commuter train, or bus is also okay.

For budgeted-travel, please note taxi is not an option. Especially in a tourism spot like Bali, Indonesia. Taximeter there increases quickly, by an eye-blink. Imagine how hurted your eyes will be because you’re afraid to blink to avoid the meters to going up in a long trip.


Love to take pictures but doesn’t have tripod? You don’t have to buy one if you can’t lend it from friends or relatives. Be creative. Use whatever tools you find in the spot to support your camera, eventhough the camera you use is only from mobile phone.

In our latest trip on mid-march, my boyfriend used his iPhone to capture our moments together with my iPhone as the tripod. He didn’t want to bother other people who were also taking pictures, our gadgets were used effectively. Trusted him, he’s an engineer. πŸ˜€

No, we can not afford this. :p

If snorkling and or diving is included in your holiday activity but you don’t have an underwater and or a waterproof camera, don’t worry.

You can always cover your standard digital pocket camera with thick plastic and use it underwater. Trust me, my friend did this in our trip on November last year and her camera was just fine up until this time. The photo result? Not bad.

If you don’t have pocket camera either, just equipped your mobile phone with waterproof case. It’s available everywhere, especially if yours is apple-brand mobile phone.


What’s your trick? πŸ˜‰

Respect to London Olympic 2012

2 Aug

Recent news from London Olympic 2012 that interest me was 4 pairs of badminton women’s double players (Chinese, South Korean, and Indonesian) were disqualified from the tournament because they deliberately lose on the games to avoid certain opponents in the next round. One of the pairs is Meiliana JauhariΒ and Greysia Polli, Indonesian women’s double.

Am I sad hearing the news? As a supporter from Indonesia, I indeed am. As a badminton lover, I am not. In fact, I’m glad the committee decided to punish the pairs. Despite of what happened in fencing, it has been said that judges favored German over South Korea, I can see this scandal in badminton as a good thing from London Olympic 2012.

Badminton Game in The Wembley Arena, London Olympic 2012

Believe me. I was in so much disappointment when South Korea set the game, purposely lose in Thomas Cup 2008, to avoid meeting China in the earlier round. Yet in the end, they were defeated by Chine in the final. If they didn’t set up the game, they wouldn’t have been reached the final. Though it’s publicly known that China has been doing this kind of practice for a long time, and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) did nothing about it.

But not with London Olympic 2012 committee. They won’t let this happen in their event, because that kind of thing does not reflect “a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play”, as mention by the Olympic charter what the games in the olympic are about. So the committee urged the BWF to do something about it, and the BWF finally punished those pairs to let them understand that what they did is wrong and falsely give message of sportivity.

I can only wish that every athletes do their best in every game they play, that is to win the game. Setting up the game by purposely lose to avoid certain opponents in the next round is not a strategy. In fact, it’s falsify the sportivity of the game.

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