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Baby Milestones[2]: Walking and Kicking

2 Jan

Happy new year 🎉🎉🎉

Baby O closed the year 2016 by learning how to walk. It’s kind of cute that he’s always looking for his mommy’s or daddy’s fingers now as his sign that he wants to walk. A few steps at first, never ending circle-ing the house now. Hopefully husband and I can reduce our belly fat for good. 😂

As a former basketball player, husband has big hope that basketball will be Baby O’s first ball play. Too bad it seems the soccer blood runs thicker from my gene in Baby O’s vein. My father, my uncle, and my brothers are soccer players. Even I was a goalkeeper in my college’s female futsal team. 😉

Ori 40w5d old: First ball kick


Wish us a great year ahead. Hopefully everything runs better in 2017, aamiin 🙂

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Baby O’s First Time Experience [5]: Floating on Swimming Pool

22 Aug

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Yesterday was Baby O’s first time swimming experience. On his first introduction to swimming pool, Baby O cried a lot. Perhaps because the water was cold at 7 AM. Northern part of Bandung City was surely cold enough for an adult to swim in the morning, let alone a baby.

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

After waited until the sun heated the pool, husband and Baby O tried to swim again. At first, Baby O didn’t like the idea of lots of water below him. He hugged husband all the time and didn’t want to let go. After husband played with him long enough in the pool, he finally let go his arms from husband’s body and not crying when I put the neckring on him.

After several minutes floating while hugging the neck ring, Baby O could finally smile and laugh while floating. Yes, floating on the swimming pool, not yet swimming. But it’s okay. He could progress all that in one morning, I’m a proud mother. 😀

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

Let’s go floating on the pool again, baby :*

Baby O’s First Time Experience [4]: Going to The Cinema

19 Aug

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Before/after watching movie, husband and I usually only take a picture in front of the movie poster. But since yesterday night is Baby O’s first time experience going to the cinema, taking a picture in front of the standing character is a must.

Cinema XXI Kota Kasablanka: Ori 20w7d old

Yes, it’s only counted as Baby O’s first time going to the cinema, not watching it. Because Baby O didn’t watch the movie at all. He just fall asleep during the movie, right after the trailers and the commercials. 😀

There were several times when pregnant-me watched movie in the cinema with husband. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t really a trouble to bring Baby O to the cinema for the first time. Baby O wasn’t disturbed by the loud noise, eventhough he didn’t wear his earmuffs. He wasn’t disturbed by the darkness either, it helped him to sleep soundly.

XXI Kota Kasablanka, Ori 20w7d old

I’m a proud mother. Let’s go to the cinema again, baby 😀