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Baby O’s First Time Experience [6]: First Meal

26 Sep

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Time is relative, it’s not a constant variable. It feels just yesterday when Baby O’s out of my tummy. Today he’s 6 months old and ate his first solid food.

Happy 6th months old, my dearest Baby O. Mommy can only wish what’s best for you. Hope you enjoy your first meal and the meals after. Hope you can always be the light of mommy’s day :*

At first it was only pure banana puree. Somehow, Baby O showed 20 minutes of not having the appetite to eat solid food. After took off his slabber, the puree mixed with breastmilk, Baby O’s finished his meal in the next 20 minutes 😂

Initial Banana Puree ingredient:

125g Banana cavendish

Ori 26w3d old: Eat First Solid Food

2nd try Banana Puree ingredients:

125g Banana cavendsih

10g breastmilk

With baby trying new activity, we need to be more patient. We can not judge the baby can not or does not like or does not want to do it in only 1-2 try. It’s totally new for the baby, so let him/her learn in his/her own pace.

Let’s try again tomorrow Baby O :*