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Delta, Echo, Freedom

2 Feb

This is a make-up story about two guys in a far away land. The two of them are strangers by birth, best friends by situation, brothers by life. Let’s call them Delta and Echo *Do you think their name is weird? Blame the parents :p*.

Life is hard for them as they live in poor condition. But they aren’t poor by heart because they have each other. Whenever one of them needs help, the other will support. Together, they also help other people who need assistance, if they could. They’re true each other, humble, honest, all good qualities that we can find in persons.

One day, Delta and Echo happen to help a billionaire in their neighborhood from danger attacks him. Because of very grateful to be saved, this billionaire gives each of them a billion USD. The two best friends, could do nothing but accept it.

Delta accepts the money gift and uses it wisely. He initiates a business that he’s been longing to run, he shares the money he got to his parent, family, and the society he usually helps. He also marries the girl that he falls in love with. Let’s not talk whether the girl wants to be married by him because of he’s wealthy now or not. :p

Echo in the other hand also accepts the money gift. But instead of spending it wisely or invests it, he spends the money hard for no use at all, like there’s no tomorrow. Instead of marrying his sweetheart-from-senior-high-school-girlfriend, he leaves her, and have fun with any girl who wants to ride the joy with.

With more or less case with Delta-Echo-case, which type of person are you? What will you do when you’re free and given freedom? Will you still do the things you used to do? What about your partner?

In my opinion, people are showing their true character when they’re given freedom. Because when underpressure, people tend to do things they’re expected to do. They’re not liberty to do the things they want to do.

They’re free then be evil, that’s what they’re truly are. They’re free and still be good, that’s they’re true color. And hold on closely to your own Delta. ­čÖé