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Features on (Micro) Blogs

3 Jun

So yeah.. WordPress is improving. It got new features called Reblog and Like-This-Post, though they aren’t brand new features in blogging-world.

Do you remember that I had Tumblr once on early 2009? My friend was the one who introduced me to Tumblr. And the fact that my sister had signed up for Tumblr not long before my friend introduced me to it, definitely provoked me to also did so. So voila! I signed up a Tumblr account.

What I like from Tumblr were the Love-This-Post feature and of course Reblog feature. The thing that I didn’t like from Tumblr, and also the reason why I quitted it, was Tumblarity. Sure as hell those are what Tumblr is all about, to reblog the posts you love and keep your Tumblarity high by reblog and love more posts.

For you who don’t know, Tumblarity is the rate of how active we are on Tumblr, like Karma on Plurk. The differences are:
1. The highest Karma’s score on Plurk is 100 whilst the highest Tumblarity’s score on Tumblr is… I don’t know.. a million maybe..?
2. We get more icons than can be used on our Plurk’s status update by getting a higher Karma’s score whilst the user who get higher Tumblarity’s score get nothing but more popularity on Tumblr.

I never, don’t want to, and won’t ever care about how active I am with my (micro)blog(s). That’s why I quittted Tumblr, tried to focus on my WordPress, never interested to try Plurk, and rather prefer with Twitter than it.

There’s no Twitter’s activity rate though there are ReTweet and Fave features in Twitter. I like both of them. We can also follow (and be followed by) another user in Twitter (also on Tumblr and Plurk) to get the updated contents. We could do such activity on WordPress and other kind of blog with Subscription feature, but somehow I subscribe no blogger.

So, even WordPress’ new Reblog and Like-This-Post features aren’t originally from WordPress, but I still keep my faith on WordPress. And I’ll keep my faith on it as long as WordPress isn’t planning to add another new feature such WPactivity. Blah! I’ll loathe it.

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