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The Early Riser Kid

11 Nov

In our childhood time, husband and I only needed less than 30 minutes to arrive at our own school. The habit had been started since we were in elementary school. That’s why, each of us rented dorm room near the office before married. Because we were the late riser. We woke 1 hour before the office started because it only took us 1 hour from getting up from bed, took a bath, ate breakfast, went out from home, to arrive at the office.

But since husband and I couldn’t live in the dorm anymore when Baby O born, we moved to a house in a suburban area. When we first moved, it was surely a challanging time for us. It was either woke up real early and arrived on time at the office or woke up on our usual time and arrived late at the office. Please note, it takes 1.5 hours from house to the office using motorbike, 2 hours using commuter train, and 2.5 hours using car.

People say disclipinary should be taught to kid since they are little. Including the time they wake up, take bath, eat, play, and sleep. Husband and I actually thought of that and we are not sure whether we have the heart to teach Baby O to wake up early. We never want to disrupt sleeping people, especially Baby O, because we think people will wake up on their own when their sleeping time is already fulfilled.

So yes, husband and I never taught Baby O to wake up early. We can accept if Baby O is naturally a late riser. And it’s a surprise for us knowing that Baby O is naturally an early riser kid. He learned that on his own, no one taught him. He usually wakes around morning pray time (5 AM) and go back to sleep again after morning bath (around 8 AM). Hope this good habit will continue until he goes to school. But please don’t grow up too soon, Baby O

Ori 33w1d old

We are indeed the proud parents 🙂