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Worth to Read Weblog[3]

20 Oct

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I still remember the first time I knew that Jason Mraz was writing a blog himself. Yes, a blog, named Freshness Factor Five Thousand, not a personal website like the other celebrities do. Of course he also has a personal website, his team takes care of it for him. But his own blog? He takes care of it for his fans 🙂 …and for his “own satisfaction”, like he said. Because he likes to write and therefore he’s a blogger. He also once stated on his twitter that he doesn’t tweet by himself, that his yoga instructor does this for him, because he’s more of a blogger not a microblogger. How sweet is that 😉 don’t you think?

The first time I did after I knew about this fact was linking his blog to mine, of course :p Whatelse could a fan like me do? Then finally I read his entries on blog, which turned out to be amazing ones. Amazing because he always courage us to become more aware about the earth and its environment. He shares his thoughts and mind about gratitude*) towards earth. He also shares his daily activities, in not a cheesy way, which also inspiring. Because he, in fact, is not living his life in a celebrity way. He lives his talks about becoming friendlier to the earth.

He’s a green activist himself, like Leonardo diCaprio 😉 From him and his articles, I learned not to buy mineral water anymore. Not because of the price, but because of the packaging bottle which is made of plastic. I succeed to follow this act, only until my own overpriced tumbler was broken :p Not that I follow him blindly. I also agree to his arguments. Thousand steps always start from a single one. If we can’t tell people to live greener, no problem. We start from ourself. Perhaps, the others will be inspired to follow our acts.

I remember a friend of mine said that Jason’s articles are kinda serious ones, a little bit heavy thoughts. I couldn’t say anything, but agree about this one. We know him as a famous musician. But if we hope to read his writing as a cheesy one,  believe me, we’ll never gonna get one. I actually glad to read his not-too-light-writings. This really is the kind of figure we wish to follow, right? Not those who regularly hit the rehabilitation center for their addictions to alcohol. He’s still a normal fine guy after all.

So, if you wish to be inspired, please do follow his blog 🙂 I remember I used to online via Snaptu on my handphone, only to read Jason’s blog on Snaptu’s Feed. Blogspot isn’t a friendly blogging platform due to bandwith, and neither is Snaptu.

If you know nothing who Jason Mraz is, please do google him :p


Worth to Read Weblog[1]

6 Oct

Did you know who Nury Vittachi is?

I first know him as he permanently writes Unbelievable: Tall Tales From Asia column twice a month in Reader’s Digest Asia. On his articles, he writes comically yet witty comments about anything he found in the world. He writes about culture, health, cyberworld, travel, tourism, old friend, his family, literally anything. I bet all readers laugh reading his writings, by time we’ll either laugh at them or laughed by them.

So who is he?

“I don’t believe in concepts of race, nationhood or ethnicity; the only country is Earth: you and I are the same race, because we are both earthlings.” (Nury Vittachi)

He’s a journalist, book author, Sri Lanka-born, started his career at London, but now lives in Hong Kong with his English wife and their 2 daughters and son, all of them are Chinese and adopted. He had won some journalism and literary awards. He have written fiction, non-fiction, and childreen books since 1990. His books are written in English and have been translated to Portugese and Bahasa, though I never found one in any stores in Indonesia. We can read his mini-mystery writings freely here.

His columns are widespread anywhere in newspapers, including The Jakarta Post but I didn’t know about it because I don’t read it, and magazines. Yet we can always find his writings, mostly anything about Asia, on his blog, The Curious Diary of Mr. Jam. To read the best entry on his blog click here or here if you do online alot. Disclaimer: He’s so funny so don’t get offended by his writings. Like he stated in one of his post:

PLEASE NOTE. Before writing angry letters to me, please note that this posting is 82.5 per cent ironic, and of the rest of the material, about six or seven per cent could be classified as bitterly sardonic.”
(Nury Vittachi # Celebs: Above The Law)

As you can read from this entry’s title, I’m gonna write to you another weblog that is worth to read. I thank*) for your patient to wait for it, if you do wait for it 😉

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