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What Do You Choose to Pay For?

12 Nov

What choice do we have if we live far away from our daily main activity; school, college, or work? Can we instantly move our house to the nearest area?

If we’re still young and single, rent a room in some house or live in a dorm could be an option. But how would it be for us if we are too young to live by ourself, financially incapable to rent a room, or already have a house to live with our own family? Railing the road every morning and when get back home is the only most possible way.

We all know how massive crowd in big city, especially Jakarta, could be regarding to transportation. Bless you who already own your car. I really hope the use of your car is optimal by carrying 4 or 5 passengers per travel, so the car’s contribution to the air pollution could be minimized.

It’s an important matter, indeed. A senior of my friend choose to buy house in rural area and travel to office also back home by train instead of rent a room near office but travel to office and get back by car. Environmentally and financially smart one, I think.

Bless you who own motorbike. Traveling by motorbike is far more exhausting than traveling by car in the same travel distance, let alone by public transportation, if I may say. There’s no back support while traveling by it, plus we always have to keep our balance, and don’t forget the lack safety of it. For whatever stereotype people have in mind for motorbike riders, I wish you who travel by it always safely arrive at destination.

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And what’s left for people who don’t have their own vehicle? Public transportation, it is. When I lived in Riau, the only public transportation I know was taxi. When I moved to Bandung, the knowledge of it became wider into angkot and ojeg. Now that I currently breathing the air of capital city, I’ve tried all kind of public road transportation that I can think of. Taxi, angkot, omprengan, ojeg, metromini, kopaja, damri, economic train, commuter train, you name it.

There’s always a bargain value when we choose something over others. When we choose to reach our destination by public transportation, what value drives us the most? Cost, travel time, travel distance, travel schedule, comfortness, pride, prestige, or others?

I still live in my aunt’s house in East Jakarta while my office is in Central Jakarta. I used to go and back home by metromini, spent 4 hours in total per day on the road. Went out from house when the rooster is still asleep. Arrived at home when the owl is about to wake up. Tired, sleepless, no days without these.

But thank goodness there are many public transportation options we could have when we live in big city like Jakarta. These days, I go to office by commuter train and back home by angkot. I can have 2 more hours a day on the bed. The new option surely cost me more than the old one, but worth every penny of it.

I choose to pay for less travel time and more comfortness. What about you?