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Happy 30th Birthday, PapiOri

14 Sep

Dear PapiOri,

Happy 30th birthday, my only comfort zone. Only God knows how thankful Kid O and I to have you in our life. Hopefully you are always granted with true happiness in life, and hopefully it’s when we’re together. Aamiin 🙏🏻

Happy 30th birthday, my home. No matter how big our fights are, we can always find our ways to each others’ arms. Hopefully you are granted with long healthy life so we can spend 30 years and more of your life, together. Aamiin 🙏🏻

Happy 30th birthday, my superman. Thank you for always be there for Kid O and me. Hopefully you are granted with long prosperous life, so we can always guide and support Kid O until he is independent enough to live life by his own. Aamiin 🙏🏻


Mami & Ori


Happy 2nd Birthday, Kid O

25 Mar

Another one year of learning as parents for mommy and daddy. Hopefully we did something right in taking care of Baby O, or let’s promote him to be Kid O now 👶🏻🎂👦🏻

No, we didn’t make a birthday party for Kid O’s 2nd birthday. We don’t want him learn a wrong message, that birthday means party. Because Kid O’s birthday is about mommy and daddy being grateful, that Kid O came to our life 2 years ago. We are more than grateful to be chosen as a pair of Baby O’s parents ❤️

Happy 2nd birthday, mommy and daddy’s brightest kid. Hopefully you grow to be a bright kid that always lights anyone’s way even from a far, like the wish we put in your name. Mommy and daddy love you very much 👪❤️

On a side note, Kid O loves his 2nd birthday cake very much ❤️❤️❤️ He loves every details of it, he wants to take and eat the 3d figures off the cake since he 1st laid his eyes on the cake 👦🏻😍🚲

Kid O also loves the taste of the cake very much 👦🏻❤️🎂🚲 He only want to eat his birthday cake, doesn’t want to eat anything else 😅

Mommy and daddy always satify when ordering custom 3D birthday cake for Kid O in The Harvest. Especially when this year request was Baby boy’s 3D birthday cake with 4-wheels white bicycle (no, we don’t fancy superheroes, they don’t mean anything to Kid O, yet). The birthday cake turns out great (both in display and taste) 🎂😍😋 Thank you very much, The Harvest 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby O :*

27 Mar

My giant baby O was turning 1 last saturday. He was 4.05kg 55cm the day he born. Last month he was already 11kg 76.5cm. All hail the power of breastmilk 🙂

Happy 1st birthday my little star ⭐️. Keep shining bright (Hatsya) on mommy and daddy’s restless night, keep rising (Orion) to achieve the baby milestones unexpectedly. Hopefully you’ll grow to be the most lovable boy and love mommy and daddy the most :*

Just like other people say, the birthday baby might not understand about his 1st birthday. Because any baby’s 1st birthday is for the parents to be grateful that the baby was born and they survive the 1st year of inexperienced parenthood 😂

Baby O’s 1st Birthday

That’s why we still decided to celebrate Baby O’s 1st birthday. Not in the form of a party, but small blessing among family as a reminder for us to be always grateful.

Baby O’s 1st Birthday with The Family

Happy birthday, my dearest baby! :*

Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang! :*

13 Sep

Dear Papi Prasetya Wibowo,

Thank you for having the patience during our togetherness in the last 5 years..

Thank you for always being there during 16 months of our marriage life..

Thank you for having an adorable baby with me and raising Baby O till the end..

Thank you for all the love, care, protection, guidance, sharing, moment, happiness, laughter, and hope that entangled in our life..

Hope you can always be super daddy to Baby O..

Hope you are given all the strength to be superman in the family..

Hope you are always be blessed and guarded in His arms..

Hope we can always be together for the next 50 years and more.. Aamiin.

Love you more and always, my man 😘😘😘

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Happy Birthday, Dear Husband! :*

13 Sep

Wish you all the best from the city of Bangkok 😉

Wish you will be the best husband, and son to your parents, ever be..

Wish all your dreams come true..

Love me, your parents, and your family more..

God speed with your career! Amen 🙂

Love you always, beb! ❤

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Membeli Barang Cacat [02]: Jam Tangan

13 Apr

Ini pengalaman kedua saya berurusan dengan tukar-menukar barang cacat yang sudah dibeli. Pengalaman pertama di tahun 2010 ketika membeli buku cacat cetak dari Bentang Pustaka (baca selengkapnya di sini).

Kali ini, saya membeli 4 buah jam tangan untuk kado ulang tahun sepupu-sepupu saya (read here for the lovely cousins) dari online shop ternama di Indonesia, Zalora. Cacatnya adalah semua jam tangan saya terima dalam keadaan tidak berfungsi (alias mati total). Bahkan salah satu jam tangan, jarum pendeknya lepas. 

Part of it is my fault, karena terlalu percaya dengan online shop sehingga dengan gagah berani membeli barang elektronik secara online, dan tanpa mengecek terlebih dulu ketika kiriman barang sampai di tangan. Harap maklum, sudah beberapa kali saya membeli barang dari online shop, baik barang elektronik ataupun non-elektronik, dan tidak pernah ada masalah selama ini. 😀

Akhirnya setelah menghubungi customer service Zalora dan diberitahu bahwa prosedur pelaporan barang cacat adalah melalui email, maka saya kirimkan email keluhan ke email customer service Zalora. Yang langsung ditanggapi dan dikonfimasi 2×24 jam kemudian bahwa 2 buah jam tangan yang sudah saya beli akan diganti dengan yang baru (yang sudah dijamin berfungsi dengan baik), dan 2 buah jam tangan yang lain akan di-refund biayanya karena stock barangnya sudah habis. Seperti email di bawah ini:

Kalau dari pengalaman sebelumnya saya dapat buku gratis sebagai permintaan maaf, pengalaman kali ini saya dapat voucher belanja di Zalora senilai 100rb. Not bad lah. 😀

To be noted: Kita baru akan mendapatkan barang pengganti setelah barang yang cacat diambil kembali oleh pihak online shop.

Tapi berhubung saya kapok membeli jam tangan secara online, alhasil saya belikan kado lain untuk 2 sepupu saya tercinta. Yaitu tas dari online shop tetangga, Blibli. Jadi voucher 100rb nya masih utuh belum saya gunakan. Enaknya beli apa ya? Hihi 😉


Happy Birthday, Mom!

29 Oct

My big family always tell me how identical my face is with Mom’s young face. When I was a kid, they say I looked the same with the face of Mom when she was a baby girl. From 1 to 10, the identicalness of me and the younger image of Mom is 9. By the time I grew up, we’re no longer that identic, but still, our  look alikeness always surprise my big family.

In fact, I am the only kid on my family who ever had a bright skin, like Mom has. Only by the time flew by, my skin is getting darker just like Dad. I have no one to blame but the whether of my childhood area. Cousin of my late GrandPa said when I met him again after several years,
GrandPa’s Cousin (GC): Eh..? You’re the white cute little girl who visited me years ago? What happened to your white skin?
Big Family: (laughing)
Me: (blushing)
GPC: Perhaps because you lived in a dry sunny place, surrounded by palm trees, and lived above the oil..?

I guessed so.

Back to Mom. Just like my Dad, she also didn’t come from a wealthy family. But she was lucky to had GrandPa and GrandMa who concerned about education much. They did everything they could to provide their kids with good education no matter how hard the family financial situation was. Though GrandMa was a teacher, it was GrandPa who accompanied Mom and her siblings through their studies alot. Let me tell you this in another story.

Grown up in a family like this, Mom concerns alot about me and my siblings’ studies more than Dad does. She likes to take us to the bookstore and spend time there than to the shopping center. She also encourages us to buy more books and read them than to spend the money on food, for example. She chooses the send me and siblings to the courses than to buy jewelries on it.

She always put her kids’ education, as well as our other needs, as top priorities and put aside her own needs, because she loves us that much. I really adore her for this one. For her, her main responsibility as wife and mother is to educate her children, while father is the one (though not the only one) who should support family’s financial. Therefore when my sister moved from ITB to UI, or when brother was only able to attend UI not ITB (click here to read more), she blamed and took hard on herself alot.

Did you know there are actually only 3 responsibilities as parents?

They are to raise the kids well, to educate the kids well, and to make sure the kids find their best partners of life. Mom agrees of this kind of belief. There was this sudden moment in the middle of my discussion with Mom,
Mom: It’s okay to pend to have our own house after Ekal‘s graduation, right?
Me: 4 years from now? Yea… okay, fine for me. As long as it’s okay for you to live in that rent house.
Mom: No problem.
Mom: For me, the most important thing right now is you and siblings could finish your colleges. The rest can wait.
Me: (in mind: oh shoot, she’s going to point to my unclear graduation day)
Mom: After your brother’s graduation, my responsibility is over. Perhaps I could just die. I’m fine if God takes my breath the moment after that. I know your Dad could handle the rest.
Me: (i was going to say jokingly: but maybe I haven’t married yet that day, but damn, she was serious and in a deep tears)
Me: Careful with what you’re saying, okay Mom.

In some stages, me and Mom also share the same characteristics. That’s why we always need Dad to calm us when we argue obstinately at the same time. In fact, she’s the one who has arguments with me alot. Probably because, no matter how much I love and adore her, in some points I don’t want to be like her, or to become her, not even to follow her track. She supports me through the latest, actually. She hopes me to be far more better than her, the hope that I also have towards my sister.

For all the things she did and she didn’t do to me, I do love her alot. I love you Mom, more than I ever showed you. I really hope I can make you proud of me in your life time. Because I do proud to be your daughter.

Happy birthday, Mom! Love you more than anything in the world.

Beloved, your proud daughter.

Beauty beholds on those who see 🙂

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