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Relax And Enjoy The Trip

25 Mar

Because vacation
…is also building up the courage to request for annual leaves to boss at work
…is also negotiating and compromising with our holiday partner’s pace and interest
…is also about taking double jobs just to cover the expenses during vacation
…is also having an overnight at the airport for 7 hours waiting in between flights
…is also 9 hours riding on the train
…is also meeting someone new and sharing story and experience, both with local people and other travelers
…is also sleeping less time just to catch the sunrise on the peak of the mountain
…is also riding a motorcycle to a far away land just to catch the sunset
…is also prioritizing what to buy and what not on a tight budget
…is also taking a breath on the breath-taking view
…is also relaxing our mind and body from the daily activities we usually deal with

So why not enjoy every moment of it by not worrying the result and or amount of pictures that we take?


Let’s have another trip. 🙂