Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang! :*

13 Sep

Dear Papi Prasetya Wibowo,

Thank you for having the patience during our togetherness in the last 5 years..

Thank you for always being there during 16 months of our marriage life..

Thank you for having an adorable baby with me and raising Baby O till the end..

Thank you for all the love, care, protection, guidance, sharing, moment, happiness, laughter, and hope that entangled in our life..

Hope you can always be super daddy to Baby O..

Hope you are given all the strength to be superman in the family..

Hope you are always be blessed and guarded in His arms..

Hope we can always be together for the next 50 years and more.. Aamiin.

Love you more and always, my man 😘😘😘

The Breastfeeding Baby

10 Sep

Breastfeed is a mutual relationship between mother and child. Any child has the right to get breastmilk. Any mother needs to let the milk out of the breast. It’s actually a win-win solution.

Up until he’s 24 weeks 2 days old, Baby O is one of full breastfeeding baby. Thank goodness for this, because there was a drama when Baby O was just days old.

When I couldn’t produce breastmilk since the day Baby O was born until the day we arrived home from hospital, mother-in-law furiously told me to feed Baby O with formula milk. Thank goodness I said no. Thank goodness my mom fully supported me to breastfeed. After lots of pumping and stress released, Baby O finally drank breastmilk when he was 4 days old.

It’s a matter of believe and never give up 🙂 Below is Baby O’s body weight and height records with only drinking breastmilk. It’s a blast:

NB: 4.0kg 55cm

3d: 3.7kg

2w: 4.4kg

4w: 5.6kg

8w: 6.6kg

12w: 7.6kg 65cm

16w: 8.3kg

20w: 9.1kg

24w: 9.7kg 71w

RSIA Asih: Ori 24w2d old

Can’t stop wondering how big wil Baby O be when he starts eating solid food on his 6 months old. Hope mommy can fully breastfeed Baby O until he’s 2 years old. Aamiin 🙂

The Beauty of Commuting

1 Sep

Commuting between work and home means sacrificing several hours per day in our life being on the street.

It’s daily routine when husband and I see people who are in hurry to arrive home soon. They run on the street, they cut lines, they elbow others just to get into the public transport, just to be home as soon possible.

Inside Jakarta Commuter Line

Picture Source

Husband and I already realized it years ago back when we’re still dating. Our judgement that day, they did everything because they commuted alone, because they couldn’t wait to meet their love ones at home. Read here for more detail.

So blessed that husband and I were and are commuting together, both in dating time and marriage time. The life on the street became our quality time together, when not dealing with work, when not taking care of Baby O. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to spent more time with Baby O, we definitely want to. To look on the positive side, it’s a blessing in disguise for married couple. Just like people said, it’s the quality time that matters, not the quantity. 

Daily 4 hours of Jakarta traffic jam? Beat me

Baby O’s First Time Experience [5]: Floating on Swimming Pool

22 Aug

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Yesterday was Baby O’s first time swimming experience. On his first introduction to swimming pool, Baby O cried a lot. Perhaps because the water was cold at 7 AM. Northern part of Bandung City was surely cold enough for an adult to swim in the morning, let alone a baby.

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

After waited until the sun heated the pool, husband and Baby O tried to swim again. At first, Baby O didn’t like the idea of lots of water below him. He hugged husband all the time and didn’t want to let go. After husband played with him long enough in the pool, he finally let go his arms from husband’s body and not crying when I put the neckring on him.

After several minutes floating while hugging the neck ring, Baby O could finally smile and laugh while floating. Yes, floating on the swimming pool, not yet swimming. But it’s okay. He could progress all that in one morning, I’m a proud mother. 😀

Karang Setra Hotel & Cottage: Ori 21w3d old

Let’s go floating on the pool again, baby :*

Baby O’s First Time Experience [4]: Going to The Cinema

19 Aug

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Before/after watching movie, husband and I usually only take a picture in front of the movie poster. But since yesterday night is Baby O’s first time experience going to the cinema, taking a picture in front of the standing character is a must.

Cinema XXI Kota Kasablanka: Ori 20w7d old

Yes, it’s only counted as Baby O’s first time going to the cinema, not watching it. Because Baby O didn’t watch the movie at all. He just fall asleep during the movie, right after the trailers and the commercials. 😀

There were several times when pregnant-me watched movie in the cinema with husband. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t really a trouble to bring Baby O to the cinema for the first time. Baby O wasn’t disturbed by the loud noise, eventhough he didn’t wear his earmuffs. He wasn’t disturbed by the darkness either, it helped him to sleep soundly.

XXI Kota Kasablanka, Ori 20w7d old

I’m a proud mother. Let’s go to the cinema again, baby 😀

Baby O’s First Time Experience [3]

2 Jul

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Baby O’s First Time Grocery Shopping

Usually, I made the list of things to buy, husband buy the goods while Baby O and I wait in the car in parking lot :D. But not that day. He was 10 weeks 6 days old when husband and I decided to bring him along to grocery shopping in the nearest supermarket from home. Thank goodness Baby O enjoyed the shopping, visiting aisle after aisle, and didn’t cry at all. 🙂

Baby O’s First Time Taxi Riding

He was 11 weeks 4 days old when riding taxi for the first time in his life. It was after he got DPT (Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus) vaccine shot, when Baby O and I took a taxi from the hospital to the mall where husband’s office located. Thank goodness Baby O got the type of DPT vaccine that wouldn’t caused him get any fever (Pediacel), so he soundly slept during the whole taxi ride.

Baby O’s First Time Flying

People said traveling with baby is troublesome. There are many things to bring along. Setting up baby feeding time is not easy either. Baby sleeping time may also not be disturbed. But it wasn’t a problem when Baby O was 13 weeks 5 days old. At that time, husband and I traveled with Baby O from Jakarta to husband’s hometown. He wore his earmuff all the time and when he cried, I just breastfed him to sleep. 😀

Can’t hardly wait for his next first time experiences! 🙂

Baby O and The Feeding Bottle

25 Jun

Baby O’s first encouter with feeding bottle was on his first week of life after being born. At that time, I haven’t produced many milk to breastfeed thus I need to breast-pump to stimulate the milk production. 


Thank goodness I’ve heard of nipple confusion before giving birth, so I didn’t blindly follow my mother-in-law instruction to bottle-feed Baby O. Instead, I bottle-feed him using spoon bottle.

Nipple Bottle vs Spoon Bottle

Baby O was 9 weeks 5 days old when I finally succeed in bottle-feed him with nipple bottle. He refused at first of course, but after he realized he was very hungry and won’t get any direct breastmilk, he gave up and drank from the bottle-feed.

Mommy’s good baby boy. He could understand that he needed to learn to drink from nipple bottle so he could still drink breastmilk when mommy is at work. :’)