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Only With iPhone

27 Jul

Husband and I are usually backpacking, wee rarely do fancy traveling. That’s why the concept of traveling with SLR camera doesn’t fitted with our traveling concept. Because we need to travel light since we don’t want to burden our backbones by adding unnecesarry weight.

It’s really important for both us to get creative with our smartphone’s camera. We don’t even want to bring tripod whenever we travel, because it will add another weight to the luggage. We just use another tools as the standing base for the smartphone (read here for the example).

And we’re always satisfied with the photo result from our iPhone cameras.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 3Gs. Taken on March 2013 in Sanur Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia.

  Photo by Mutia Afifah Riza using iPhone 4. Taken on July 2015 in Harapan Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

  Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on November 2014 in Karimun Jawa Island, Central Java, Indonesia.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on July 2015 in Dolphin Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

What about you? How important for you an SLR camera when traveling? 😀


Every Man Needs a Hobby

6 May

Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 said, “Every man needs a hobby”. So here I am, trying to find myself a new hobby. Not that my old hobby is bad, I just don’t have the time to do it anymore. Cliche, but true.

It was started back at the time when BF still gave me white roses. He asked, “So whenever it’s decaying, you throw them out?”. My answer was yes. The figure of old flowers in my room was horrible enough just to think about.

But I could see he had a problem with that. So I started to think, why don’t I plant them? Good hope, bad fact. It’s hard to find any sold-soil in The capital city. I even wanted to plant it by hydroponics, but sadly roses couldn’t live that way.

So when this one of the mall in the city offered decorational-plant-give-away program if customers spend certain amount of money in the mall, BF and I took the chance. Coencidentally, we need to buy something there and the amount was enough to get 2 decorational-plants.


I can’t cook, but I may be able to take care of decorational-plant. Still a long journey to take care another living human, if you know what I mean. 😉

How Many Glass of Water Did You Drink Today?

15 Oct

This article is written in order to support the Blog Action Day 2010. If you want to participate on it, you still have time until today’s midnight 🙂

So I asked you, “How many glass of water did you drink today?”. But no, I didn’t ask you to know about the health of your kidney, let us talk about that in another time. I wanted to know about the access you can get to clean and healthy drinkable water. If you’re able to manage to drink 8 glasses of water a day, bless you!

There are people who drink tap water at home. Let us define tap water as water that runs through your plumbing system at home. It could be supported by PAM (Perusahaan Air Minum – Ind). Sadly, not all of us have access to PAM, therefore some of us have plumbing system that runs from groundwater through water well and pump.

Though drinking tap water, I rarely find cases in Indonesia who drink it directly without cooking it first, whether it camos from PAM or groundwater. While in other countries, it is safe already to drink tap water right from the faucet. This is another clean and healty scarcity problem we have to deal with.

Source: 1 2

The other side of customers usually drink water from mineral bottled water, outside and inside the house. They drink bottled water dispenser because they don’t trust the heathiness level of tap water. Outside the house, whenever they want to drink, they will easily buy little version of bottled water, the more handy one. They think that carry their own tumblers isn’t practical or whatsoever.

Funny if these people join ‘Stop Global Warming Campaign’ with reducing the usage of tissue, filter garbages, even always turn off electricity and or lights whenever they step out of room. Didn’t they know that every bottled water they drink generates up to 600 times as much CO2 as tap water? While most climate scientists agree that CO2 causes killer weather, earthquakes and flooding, ergo global warming. Ha!

If we’re the type of consumers who choose to drink from bottled water dispenser, it is still forgiven. At least dispenser is reuseable and has longer life cyle than the travel pack bottled water. But try to be a moderate consumer. Use the dispenser and refill our own non-plastic tumblers whenever we want to go out of the house. Don’t forget to always bring it with us where ever we go. Of course it would be much better if we refill the tumblers from the tap water.

As a comparation, the process of exploring water from the oasis, packing the water into a travel pack bottle, distributing it into markets, and reselling it to consumers do emit lots of CO2 thus cause global warming. Don’t forget the fact that a bottle of mineral water will cost us too many than it should be, especially if we buy it regularly. It is only a small container that will runs out of the water in a short time.

In the other part of the world, people are having problem in getting clean and healthy water. If we fortunately are having unlimited access to get it, why we limit ourselves by accessing the limited package of mineral water? Be smart. It really is our choice.

So, how many glass of water did you drink today? I really hope your answer is 8 glasses of water, instead of bottles.

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[review] Movie: A Scanner Darkly

8 Sep


This is the other movie that I watched without any pre-knowledge before watching the movie. In fact, I didn’t know that such movie is existed, though it released back in 2006. I found the original vcd in Gramedia in the early August this year, which only costed 8 thousands rupiah. Not knowing the story, finding the name of Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey, Jr., and Winona Rider on its cover, I bought it right away hehe 😉

This animated movie potrays the exact physical appearance of its casts, very look alike in my opinion And I so love James Barris‘ character (played by Downey). He’s the crazy friend of Bob Arctor (played by Reeves) just like Barney in How I Met Your Mother the tv series, in a cranky way. Winona Rider acts as Ryder plays as somebody’s girlfriend, as always. Watch the movie to find out whether she’s Arctor’s or Barris’ girl 😉

Full of drama from the beginning until the end, we might ask in my mind, why did this movie made in animation? One possible reason that came into my mind was because of the technology that been used in the movie couldn’t be provided in non-animated-movie. But simple animation is enough, doesn’t have to be full of CGI, because, like I said, the genre of this movie is drama. Though it needs specific technology which will be simply provided in animated movie. Can you imagine how complicated it is to apply The Invisibility Coat‘s technology in Harry Potter the movies? It is something like it.

This movie has double twisted ending, which you will never imagine. In the end of the movie, I did smile though I could only smile bitterly as the movie runs Like I always said, I think movie’s ending is one of important part of the movie. I do judge a movie by its ending. Ha! Therefore I recommend you to watch this movie eventhough you’re not a fan of Reeves, Downey, nor Rider. This is one of a kind movie that you’ll never see and or forget .

Happy hunting!

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Do You Believe in Global Warming?

22 Aug

Have you ever watched An Inconvenient Truth (2006)? It’s a documentary film by Al Gore, United States former Vice President. He made this film as a campaign to raise global warming awareness as a worldwide’s problem.

Along with this film, from news everywhere like newspaper, magazine, internet, TV, I’ve known that global warming is real. It’s not only an unproven theory anymore. I mean, look at our global temperature. Whether it’s too cold or way too hot. Left alone the unstable whether, that we’re supposed to have dry season in August but we still have heavy rainy day in the middle of it. Or the frequent rise of sea water level because of the melting gletser in the pole? Did you know that the snow thickness in Puncak Jaya, Papua, is degrading by years? What do you call that if it’s not global warming?

So it did bother me alot when a friend of mine said that he didn’t believe in global warming, that there’s no global warming happening. Instead he said, “There is somekind of World Secret Organization that takes control of everything that is happening, and takes some profits of it. This organisation also manipulates informations that related to it”. That statement really did make me rolling on the floor, laughing out loud. Any Russian guy really always think that everything is secret-agency-related. Haha.

Seriously. If we don’t believe in global warming when science proofs are everywhere, then there’s no other thing to say that it’s God’s work, right? I’m not gonna say something about punishment for what’ve done to the earth in the past, but it’s just how it works. The causality effect, Newton’s 3rd Law, they’re all talks about the same thing. When we do a thing, we got something in return. If we don’t believe in science, then we must be believe in God. Because there’s no other explanation how could gletser at the pole is melting? How could, let say, we, human make them melt when we can’t even control the pregnant moms to give birth?

That, my friend, is something we need to overthink. And if you also haven’t watch The Happening (2008) yet, in my humble opinion, you have to. We need to be good with mother nature, because somehow it has somekind of self defense, that I bet we don’t want to mess up with.

The Creepy Creep

13 Apr

You might probably know that Bandung built up on The Кarst Plateu. Well.. plateu isn’t the correct word because Bandung isn’t quite flat. The city made up on the ancient lake – 2000 years old. Just to be right.. Bandung built up on The Karst Basin (to read the source click here).

I’ve known about this information long time ago, when I was still in the junior high school. My geography teacher made a joke about it:
“Java island would be sinking because of their overpopulation. Especially Bandung.. it built up on The Karst that could be creep anytime and the land would be shiver to the ground”.

Not so long time ago, when earthquake happened in West Java, my friend also told me about this. There is any possibility that Bandung would creep to the ground because of any earthquakes.

oh thanks for the reminder dear friend..

In the last few days, I became afraid of the facts that I’ve known for years. Up until now, I still don’t know whether it was just imagination or it did really happen.

When I sit on my study chair, I felt that the floor below me somewhat moving very slowly in a really short time. Which made me unsure whether it was just my paranoid imagination or there actually was a movement on the ground.

It didn’t happen only once, but in several times. The weird thing is it only happened at night. And only when I sit on my study chair. I never felt the sensation when I sit on my bed or anywhere else at the house. Not to mention that my bedroom is on the secondfloor of my house.

Was it just the tired-me or there was a real movement on the ground?

What do you think?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
UPDATED (14/04/2010 2:42 AM)
Believe me.. the floor was really trembling. It wasn’t only me this time who felt it, but also my sister whose room besides mine. Plus I wasn’t on my study chair, but rested to sleep on my bed.

As soon I felt the slight-floor-shaking, I sent a text message to my sister,
Me (M): Ti, do you feel the floor is trembling?
Sister (S): Yes
Just as simple as yes.. how could she be so calm while I was paranoia next door?!
M: Is it only the 2nd floor, only our house, or the whole Bandung could also feel it?
S: Maybe it’s a small earthquake. Doesn’t make sense if it’s the house.. beside the ceiling doesn’t move a bit. If the house is about to fall to the ground, I don’t feel any movement on the wall

Just to make sure her argument, I woke up and went downstairs to feel any movement on the first floor. Nada! Craapp… what was happening?

I knocked my sister’s door and asked her the same question that I’ve asked her via mobile phone.
S: yeah I can feel the floor shaking.. coincidentally when I set my feet on it
M: are you sure it’s okay?
S: oh please.. don’t be such paranoid!

Oh, she got me!

First thing that I need to do tomorrow is to learn about the first aid after earthquake, definitely.

p.s.: Until now, the floor is still trembling. I’m sure I’m not imagining it. I surely can’t sleep.. again. ARGH

[review] Movie: Thank You For Smoking

24 Mar

Thank You For Smoking

saat akan menonton dvd pinjaman dari adik saya, saya tidak mengharapkan terlalu banyak dari film ini. kenapa? saya pun tidak tau. walaupun adik saya bilang “lucu kok filmnya” tapi tidak tau kenapa saya tidak mau terlalu mempercayai kata2 adik saya saat itu. saya hanya sotoy menebak2 bahwa film ini akan berisi sindiran2 konyol tentang bahaya merokok. sama seperti film semi dokumenter yang pernah saya tonton mengenai seorang laki2 yang hanya memakan McD dalam 1 bulan. sarapan, makan siang, ngemil, makan malam, semuanya produk2 McD.

tapi ternyata saya salah..

film ini bukan film semi dokumenter, mengingat peran utamanya diperankan oleh Aaron Eckhart. dan film ini termasuk lucu dan bagus.. untuk standar saya. lumayan bagus. film ini diambil dari sudut pandang orang yang ikut mendapat keuntungan sangat besar dari banyaknya perokok di muka bumi ini, ironi dan satir. Eckhart memerankan Nick, seorang wakil presiden dan juru bicara institusi yang mempelajari hubungan antara kanker paru2 dengan tembakau. institusi ini dibiayai oleh perusahaan rokok, jadi tidak heran kalau tidak pernah ditemukan adanya hubungan antara keduanya. bisa dibilang, Nick justru membela perusahaan2 rokok dan ikut mengkampanyekan rokok di masyarakat, terutama usia muda.

film ini menggambarkan dengan baik bagaimana enaknya hidup Nick, selalu berpergian, tajir, dan mapan berkat banyaknya orang2 yang menghisap rokok. saat Nick diwawancarai seorang wartawan, Heather (diperankan oleh Katie Holmes yang sekarang bernama Kate Cruise) mengapa mau bekerja “untuk” perusahaan rokok, Nick menjawab “to pay the mortgage”. menurut saya ini adalah jawaban halus dari “karena uangnya”. ya.. Nick mau bekerja “untuk” perusahaan rokok adalah karena uangnya.. uang yang dihasilkan oleh perusahaan rokok sangat banyak. tidak heran seorang pemilik pabrik rokok sempat menjadi orang kaya No. 1 di Indonesia.

kekayaan Nick berkat rokok juga digambarkan dengan baik pada scene Nick mengantarkan anak laki2nya, Joey, setelah mereka menghabiskan weeked berdua ke rumah mantan istrinya. rumah Nick lebih tepatnya. rumah yang Nick berikan kepada mantan istrinya sebagai bentuk tanggung jawab Nick karena bercerai dari istrinya. rumah itu juga didiami oleh pacarnya mantan istri Nick yang sekarang, Brad. Brad adalah seorang peneliti hubungan antara tembakau dengan kanker paru2. seorang peneliti harus menumpang hidup di rumah seorang juru bicara perusahaan tembakau.. ironis. ternyata tidak hanya Indonesia negara yang tidak menghargai orang pintar.

ironi itulah yang menghantui Nick saat dia tersadar bahwa dia masih mempunyai Joey, anak laki2nya yang masih di bawah umur. Joey sangat mempercayai dan mngidolakan Nick apa pun yang terjadi. walaupun Nick tau bahwa bekerja pada perusahaan rokok menyalahi moral, namun yang menyadarkan Nick adalah Joey. walaupun Nick seorang perokok, Nick tidak mau nantinya saat sudah besar Joey ikut merokok. karena siapapun tau.. bahaya rokok pada tubuh manusia, termasuk Nick.

itu salah satu best scene nya menurut saya 🙂 scene saat Nick sadar bahwa Nick sangat sayang pada Joey dan tidak mau sesuatu yang buruk terjadi pada Joey. best scene lainnya adalah saat Joey berhasil menyakinkan Jill, ibunya, untuk ikut weekend bersama Nick ke California. Joey melakukannya argumentasi yang sangat tepat, sesuai dengan teknik debat yang diajarkan oleh Nick.

setiap scene diceritakan dengan pas dan kocak kalau menurut saya. bahkan di awal film pun ke-ironisan-yang-kocak itu sudah disuguhkan pada kita. selamat menonton film ini 🙂 terutama kamu yang membakar2 uang dengan membeli rokok.. pikirkan lagi kemana uang kamu pergi. ke kantong pemilik pabrik2 rokok.. dan yang didapatkan perokok adalah paru2 yang rusak. dan sederet peringatan mengenai penyakit yang mungkin didapat perokok yang selalu ada di setiap kemasan rokok tapi tidak pernah digubris oleh perokok manapun.

ayah yang berhenti bekerja di perusahaan rokok karena sayang sama anaknya.. so sweet. jadi ingat ayah sendiri yang berhenti merokok karena ibu hamil, mengandung saya 🙂

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