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Hail to All Mothers in the World: Part 2

22 Dec

Following old post in my blog (click here to read), this comic strip made me think that we really should hail to all mothers in the world, literally.

 Picture Source

Being a wife is never easy, even if there are only 2 people in the family. Neither being a wife and a mother, especially being a working wife and a working mother at the same time. Because the ones that should be taken care of are not only the children, but also the father of the children.

Some people say, a man is looking for a mother figure in his future wife. Perhaps, his mother was the one who handled everything around the house during his childhood time. Therefore he could only think about financially supporting the family, and leave the rest to the future wife.

A wife job desc ranging from checking and buying household needs, cleaning and tidying the house, cooking and baking, to managing financial for the family. When children is added to the equation, a mother job desc is also playing and studying with children. Which is never easy.

Imagine how diverse a working wife and a working mother job desc would be. That’s why marriage and parenthood should be planned accordingly. So that girlfriend could have time to adapt being a wife, and mother could have time to adapt being a mother. Which again, is never easy.

With the bump in my belly, I could only hope that I would be at the very least as good as my mother in managing her family. Much better than she is would be great. Love you always mom. Happy mother’s day. :*


Eid al Fitr 1436H

19 Jul

Humble apology for all the mistakes that my family and I have done


Happy holiday, all! 🙂

Membeli Barang Cacat [02]: Jam Tangan

13 Apr

Ini pengalaman kedua saya berurusan dengan tukar-menukar barang cacat yang sudah dibeli. Pengalaman pertama di tahun 2010 ketika membeli buku cacat cetak dari Bentang Pustaka (baca selengkapnya di sini).

Kali ini, saya membeli 4 buah jam tangan untuk kado ulang tahun sepupu-sepupu saya (read here for the lovely cousins) dari online shop ternama di Indonesia, Zalora. Cacatnya adalah semua jam tangan saya terima dalam keadaan tidak berfungsi (alias mati total). Bahkan salah satu jam tangan, jarum pendeknya lepas. 

Part of it is my fault, karena terlalu percaya dengan online shop sehingga dengan gagah berani membeli barang elektronik secara online, dan tanpa mengecek terlebih dulu ketika kiriman barang sampai di tangan. Harap maklum, sudah beberapa kali saya membeli barang dari online shop, baik barang elektronik ataupun non-elektronik, dan tidak pernah ada masalah selama ini. 😀

Akhirnya setelah menghubungi customer service Zalora dan diberitahu bahwa prosedur pelaporan barang cacat adalah melalui email, maka saya kirimkan email keluhan ke email customer service Zalora. Yang langsung ditanggapi dan dikonfimasi 2×24 jam kemudian bahwa 2 buah jam tangan yang sudah saya beli akan diganti dengan yang baru (yang sudah dijamin berfungsi dengan baik), dan 2 buah jam tangan yang lain akan di-refund biayanya karena stock barangnya sudah habis. Seperti email di bawah ini:

Kalau dari pengalaman sebelumnya saya dapat buku gratis sebagai permintaan maaf, pengalaman kali ini saya dapat voucher belanja di Zalora senilai 100rb. Not bad lah. 😀

To be noted: Kita baru akan mendapatkan barang pengganti setelah barang yang cacat diambil kembali oleh pihak online shop.

Tapi berhubung saya kapok membeli jam tangan secara online, alhasil saya belikan kado lain untuk 2 sepupu saya tercinta. Yaitu tas dari online shop tetangga, Blibli. Jadi voucher 100rb nya masih utuh belum saya gunakan. Enaknya beli apa ya? Hihi 😉


Hail to All Mothers in the World

22 Dec

Still remember how tired I was after cleaning up my dorm room. Let say I live in a dorm and only own a room. Sweeping and scrubbing the floor. Re-arrange the drawer and closet. Cleaning up the dust on the fan and other places in the room. Real life household chores we could possibly imagine in a dorm room.

I only thoroughly clean up my room once a month. Not because I don’t want to or I couldn’t do any household chores. In my defense, it’s because I don’t have time to do so. Weekday morning to evening is for work, weekday at night is for rest. Weekend is also for rest, eventhough I usually spent time outside the room refreshing. 😉

Picture Source

But even when I do thoroughly clean up my room, that once in a month activity, I got very tired afterward. More tired than after I get home from work.

So really, hail to all mothers in the world, to house-wife mothers, especially to career-mothers. Who thoroughly clean the whole house, not only a room, everyday without the help from any house-aid. Because I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Happy mother’s day. Love you, Mom. :*

Special Cookies for Special Persons

24 Aug

A month after Eid Al-Fitr, I still could remember the feeling I had when I baked the cookies with my mom for mother-in-law-to-be. Excited, anxious, you name it. As a girl who rarely cook or bake more over being in the kitchen, this was definitely precious experience for me. Yet of course, I wanted them to be perfect hehe.

The cookie list was requested and approved by BF, although he actually meant coco crunch when he said corn flakes. The recipes were from my mom (read here for another recipe). I’m just the glue that hold them together hehe.


With much love from me and my mom for him and his mom. May us be family, together, forever, and ever. 😉

I Feel Old Already

16 Jul

So I shared a 9gag post to little sister. It tells us that in every creative adult, they bring along their childish part when they grow up. Hence, the creative adult. Because creative adult is the child who survived. It said, I agreed.

Then out of nowhere, she told me that she doesn’t want to grow up, because she doesn’t want to marry, soon. The reason she said that was because of this article in dailymail.

Hello? What’s the connection between growing up and marriage? Do we only counted as an adult when we marry? Since when growing up has everything to do with marriage?

Maybe a part of being an adult is to have a life partner and build a family with him/her. But even a teenager can marry someone, have a kid, and start a new family. Yes, in that right order if you know what I mean. 😉

Picture Source

There’s a step before all that which is way much important, I think. That is to have a job and be financially responsible for own self. If possible, also for the dependents that we’re gonna carry when we build a family someday.

So if we’ve already financially responsible and want to start a family, then go ahead. Or if we’ve already financially responsible and want to pause for a long time, don’t want to pursue a further step yet, also go ahead.

Better if we don’t reverse the step, to have a family first, then find a decent job. Because we’ll bring trouble(s) to our parents. Unless, our parents are deeply stacked up with money for their descendents long after they gone, then I think it’s pretty much okay too.

Thanks for the random chit chat on a saturday morning, dear little sister. I’m still long before 25 years old, but I feel old enough already.

Expensive Toys for Kids Nowadays

15 Apr

My cousin just had his 7th birthday this weekend. Me and BF couldn’t come to the (blessing) party due to a thing or two, and cousin’s mother gave us her permission not to come to her son’s (blessing) party by buying the cousin foosball as forgiveness-birthday-gift.

ImageSeriously dear 7 years old cousin? Are you gonna rob me or what?

Haha. *stressing out*

Remembering the old times and reading back my old post in bahasa indonesia in here, the expensive toy I had when I was a little kid in elementary school was probably full-set-Lego. Mom bought me roller skate when I was a bigger kid in elementary school, but it wasn’t even costed a hundred dollar back then. When tamagotchi or otopet was a hip in early 2000, I didn’t even have them.

Does it really have to be foosball? 2 years ago, he asked for remote controlled helicopter. Last year, he asked for iPad. Kid these days, ckckck. I can’t imagine how will the era of my kid in the future will be.

I’m actually glad my cousin could get away from his latest-expensive-toy, iPad. Believe me, I had my personal laptop back in 2006 when I was in college. And I didn’t see it as expensive toy that time, just gadget that I needed to support my college time. Him and his iPad? Play time.

Should parents nowadays buy expensive toys to compensate their children not to play only with gadgets?


Dear cousin, in hollywood movie that I watched in my teenager time, foosball is located only at the bar or cafe. It’s a game to play when hang out with friends. Not something that they own personally at their house, or even place it in their bedroom. No matter how spoiled brat they are, except for Richie Rich. Maybe.

Bottomline is, please consider to request another birthday gift, would you? :p

Sincerely, your-outdated-and-flat-broke-cousin.