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[Review] Baby O’s Disposable Diapers

23 Jan

When fall in love, people tends to give whatever best for their loved ones. Including parents’ love to their kids. They’ll do everything, including sacrifice, to make sure their kids get the best ones. That’s how deep we love Baby O.

It’s commonly known that baby’s diaper and baby’s milk contributed the biggest share of baby daily’s expense. Thank goodness Baby O still gets his exclusive breastmilk, so I could transfer the budget from milk to be added up to diaper’s budget 😂

Baby O’s daily disposable diapers history:

1️⃣ Fitti: too thin, possible leak, kind of rough on Baby O’s butt, cause redness. Baby O only wears it for 3 days in the hospital, because it is free for newborn baby

2️⃣ Nepia orange: thin, no leak, soft, no redness. Baby O has worn it from New Born size to L Tape size. Mommy and Baby O loves it so much ❤️

3️⃣ Mamypoko Extradry blue: bulky, no leak, not so rough, sometimes rash. Occassionally buys small amount for stock in case mommy doesn’t have time to buy Nepia orange/genki in Fany Baby Shop at ITC Ambassador

4️⃣ Happy Diapers: just tried the free samples of XL Pant size. A little bit softer than Nepia orange, thin, no leak, no redness visible, extra cute diaper patterns that Baby O loves (see picture below)

5️⃣ Nepia genki: thin, no leak, extra soft, softest than all, totally no redness. Baby O recently wears it because Nepia orange is very hard to find 😦

Ori 39w7d old: Chooses cute Happy Diapers over Nepia genki

It seems Baby O will continue to wear Nepia orange L54 Tape (whenever available) or Nepia genki L54 Tape. Mommy rather chooses Tape diaper than Pant diaper because on the same display size, Tape diaper has larger actual size than Pant diaper. But if Baby O is invited to any diapers party, will surely show up with cute Happy Diapers hihi 😆

On a side note, Baby O also wears disposable swim diaper, Pampers Splashers. They won’t get bulky when wore in the pool, so Baby O can float easily, nothing weighing him down. They also available in cute characters too, like the sesame street edition that I usually buy for Baby O. Uber cute! 😍

Ori 27w2d old: Ready to first swim

The Beauty of Commuting

1 Sep

Commuting between work and home means sacrificing several hours per day in our life being on the street.

It’s daily routine when husband and I see people who are in hurry to arrive home soon. They run on the street, they cut lines, they elbow others just to get into the public transport, just to be home as soon possible.

Inside Jakarta Commuter Line

Picture Source

Husband and I already realized it years ago back when we’re still dating. Our judgement that day, they did everything because they commuted alone, because they couldn’t wait to meet their love ones at home. Read here for more detail.

So blessed that husband and I were and are commuting together, both in dating time and marriage time. The life on the street became our quality time together, when not dealing with work, when not taking care of Baby O. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to spent more time with Baby O, we definitely want to. To look on the positive side, it’s a blessing in disguise for married couple. Just like people said, it’s the quality time that matters, not the quantity. 

Daily 4 hours of Jakarta traffic jam? Beat me

Local Miniature Park in Indonesia

29 Jan

The hope is to visit Madurodam, the miniature park, in Netherlands. It shows model replicas of famous landmarks in Netherlands. But in reality, we could not fly to Netherlands yet. So, visiting a miniature park in Lembang is already a blessed for us. 

Madurodam, Netherlands

More ever, husband loves vehicle replicas very much, from aeroplane to bajaj, including train. So, visiting Train Miniature Park inside Floating Market Lembang was his heaven. It’s lovely to see he doesn’t loose his childishness yet even though in around 8 more weeks he’s going to be a father. Well, boys will always be boys. 😉

In the Train Miniature Park, we could find passenger train to cargo train running on rails surrounding the routes using remote control. The rails could be on the land, on a bridge, or even under a tunnel. There are also miniature of amusement park, train station, houses, bridges etc there.

Train Miniature Park, Floating Market Lembang, Indonesia

It surely is a fun place to visit with family during holiday, especially when you have little ones in the family. Me and husband surely will come back to this place one day, when Baby O is much older. Can’t wait for it. 🙂

Bangkok Scammers: They Got Us

28 Sep

We never had this experience when we traveled in Indonesia, so when it happened to us in Bangkok (Thailand), we were totally unaware of it. The truth is, we don’t know that we got scammed that day until I read this in the internet just now.

It was Sunday noon after husband and I visited Wat Arun and Wat Pho. We wanted to visit the Grand Palace, which is located next to Wat Pho. Unfortunately, to enter the main entrance of Grand Palace from Wat Pho, it required a long walk. We didn’t have the energy for a long walk since we hadn’t have our lunch. Finding halal food in Bangkok is another story to tell.

So when we found a gate yet we were sure it’s not the main entrance, and a military looking man greeted us and told us that the Grand Palace was closed until 2PM because of Buddhist praying ceremony that day, we believed him. Don’t blame us, he had this “tourist police” tag on his shirt, he had this nice gesture, getting friendly with us, also jokingly told my husband that he looked like a Thai people. Which actually, he got a lot.

Then he suggested us to kill the time by visiting other tourism places, namely the temple of Standing Buddha (Wat Intharawihan), Gem Store, and one other place that I couldn’t recall, using tuk tuk for 200 Bahts. We were really tired and really wanted to sit down. So when being offered a tuk tuk drive, we just took it without a second thought. Not even thinking of bargaining the tuk tuk fee.

Many people got pissed off when they knew they got scammed. Husband and I didn’t, because we actually enjoyed to be re-routed to those places. We took some pictures in the temple of Standing Buddha. We bought some souvenirs in the Gem Store (it’s even mentioned as the old scam here). We even enjoyed when the tuk tuk driver drove us to a tailor store, to get 1L petrol voucher he said. In the end, we even added 60 Bahts for the tuk tuk driver.

Maybe it’s true when people say, happiness is in the eyes’ of the beholder. If we can turn bad things to positive things, we won’t be wasting another time of our limited time in life by being in bad mood. Don’t you agree? 😉

Our Unsual Weekend Gateway

21 Sep

Husband has been my travel partner long when he was only my boyfriend. Due to our daily routine at the office, we usually travel on the weekend. But our last vacation was not our usual weekend gateway.

Unusual because first, because we usually travel to go back to nature, searching for mountains to climb or sea to swim. But not in our last vacation, we just wandered around the city. Tasting various local culinary. Looking for souvenirs to bring home. Totally unusual for us. 😀

Second, because it was our first trip together abroad. Although we both went to Malaka (Malaysia) 13 years ago, on the same team, represented our own junior high school to a scout gymboree. But it wasn’t counted, because back then, husband and I were just friends. No relationship or whatsoever.

Third, because we traveled alone. Usually we go to the destination together, we go back to Jakarta together. But husband was already at Bangkok (Thailand) for 6 days due to his business trip. So I traveled alone to meet him there. And I went back home first thing in the morning on the weekday, while he exteneded his trip to the middle of the weekday.


Husband picking me up at the airport ❤

Surely, what is usual and unusual depends on your own normal travel routine. How’s your usual weekend gateway? 🙂

Only With iPhone

27 Jul

Husband and I are usually backpacking, wee rarely do fancy traveling. That’s why the concept of traveling with SLR camera doesn’t fitted with our traveling concept. Because we need to travel light since we don’t want to burden our backbones by adding unnecesarry weight.

It’s really important for both us to get creative with our smartphone’s camera. We don’t even want to bring tripod whenever we travel, because it will add another weight to the luggage. We just use another tools as the standing base for the smartphone (read here for the example).

And we’re always satisfied with the photo result from our iPhone cameras.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 3Gs. Taken on March 2013 in Sanur Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia.

  Photo by Mutia Afifah Riza using iPhone 4. Taken on July 2015 in Harapan Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

  Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on November 2014 in Karimun Jawa Island, Central Java, Indonesia.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on July 2015 in Dolphin Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

What about you? How important for you an SLR camera when traveling? 😀

Above The Cloud Part 2

31 Jan

Some people say about traveling;
Young people have the energy, have the time, don’t have the money.
Adult people have the energy, don’t have the time, have the money,
Old people don’t have the energy, have the time, have the money.
That’s why wise people suggest, just travel whenever we can, we only young once.

Picture Source

Currently, me and boyfriend are in the mixed of first and second category. We’re still sooo young at age 😉 so we have the energy, but we don’t have the time to travel far. We’re also on a tight budget this year. So every little leisure does count, even if it’s only chasing “Country above the cloud” in the middle of the city. Yes, I wrote it right, we can be above the cloud in the middle of the city.

A few weekends ago, we went to this restaurant above Jakarta’s skyscraper. Not to chase the hype, or because we’re so up to date. But because we’ve been longing to continue our “Country above the cloud” quest, but we couldn’t (read related post in here). We have the energy, but we don’t have time and money.

So, voila. Above the cloud, in the middle of city instead of peak of a mountain, same happiness.

Taken from Skye using iPhone 5s by Prasetya Wibowo

No matter where we are, as long as we’re with the people we love, we’re at bliss.