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[Review] Great Job, Tokopedia

30 Jan

To read review about Pampers Splashers, click here

Usually, I buy Baby O’s disposable swim diaper from an online shop via instagram. After confirming the product is ready stocked through whatsapp by chatting with the shop’s owner/admin, mommy will transfer the payment via online banking. The shop will then send the package using one of mail shipment’s option (JNE regular). If the online shop is also located in Greater Jakarta, I could only received the package one day after the transaction, at the earliest.
Just recently, I bought Baby O’s disposable swim diaper using one of Indonesia’s e-commerce, tokopedia. I could directly confirmed whether the product was ready stocked or not, from the site. I paid the product via e-commerce payment in online banking. Then the online shop would send the package using one of one day service shipment, Go-send by Gojek, if the shop is also located in Greater Jakarta. I could received the package on the same day with the transaction made. Yeiy! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Gojek is actually started as an ojek online smartphone application. This application allow users to search for available ojek riders nearby to bring them to any destination they want, with in the city. Unlike the traditional ojek where the fare is decided by the rider, Gojek standardized the fare by distance and time. The longer the distance, the busier the time, the higher the fare

It’s also started from Tokopedia where buying online could be with fast response, easy process, quick delivery (less than 2 hours since payment made πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ») and no more hassle in registering new bank transfer destination. Although I bought Pampers Splashers in pieces, not in pack, but the received pieces of swim diapers are guaranteed original product. Yeiy! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Sesame Street Edition of Pampers Splashers


Membeli Barang Cacat [02]: Jam Tangan

13 Apr

Ini pengalaman kedua saya berurusan dengan tukar-menukar barang cacat yang sudah dibeli. Pengalaman pertama di tahun 2010 ketika membeli buku cacat cetak dari Bentang Pustaka (baca selengkapnya di sini).

Kali ini, saya membeli 4 buah jam tangan untuk kado ulang tahun sepupu-sepupu saya (read here for the lovely cousins) dari online shop ternama di Indonesia, Zalora. Cacatnya adalah semua jam tangan saya terima dalam keadaan tidak berfungsi (alias mati total). Bahkan salah satu jam tangan, jarum pendeknya lepas. 

Part of it is my fault, karena terlalu percaya dengan online shop sehingga dengan gagah berani membeli barang elektronik secara online, dan tanpa mengecek terlebih dulu ketika kiriman barang sampai di tangan. Harap maklum, sudah beberapa kali saya membeli barang dari online shop, baik barang elektronik ataupun non-elektronik, dan tidak pernah ada masalah selama ini. πŸ˜€

Akhirnya setelah menghubungi customer service Zalora dan diberitahu bahwa prosedur pelaporan barang cacat adalah melalui email, maka saya kirimkan email keluhan ke email customer service Zalora. Yang langsung ditanggapi dan dikonfimasi 2×24 jam kemudian bahwa 2 buah jam tangan yang sudah saya beli akan diganti dengan yang baru (yang sudah dijamin berfungsi dengan baik), dan 2 buah jam tangan yang lain akan di-refund biayanya karena stock barangnya sudah habis. Seperti email di bawah ini:

Kalau dari pengalaman sebelumnya saya dapat buku gratis sebagai permintaan maaf, pengalaman kali ini saya dapat voucher belanja di Zalora senilai 100rb. Not bad lah. πŸ˜€

To be noted: Kita baru akan mendapatkan barang pengganti setelah barang yang cacat diambil kembali oleh pihak online shop.

Tapi berhubung saya kapok membeli jam tangan secara online, alhasil saya belikan kado lain untuk 2 sepupu saya tercinta. Yaitu tas dari online shop tetangga, Blibli. Jadi voucher 100rb nya masih utuh belum saya gunakan. Enaknya beli apa ya? Hihi πŸ˜‰


BlackBerry Internet Services: Aged Recently

16 Sep

I’m not a BlackBerry-hater or something. But those who know me in real life, or those who have read my blog long enough, would have known that I’m not a fan of the company and or their products.

It started long ago when I was still in college. That time, many of my people around me were BlackBerry users and I wasn’t one, never was and never will. RIM, who designed BlackBerry, claimed their handphone as the smartest one. Which is funny.

Because the only smart thing about BlackBerry is the internet service; push email, web browsing, and instant messenger, which could be found in any other smartphone devices. The BlackBerry devices? Not as smart as the service. Camera? Bad. Audio? Bad.

Before BlackBerry device’s boom (2006 globally, 2009 in Indonesia) many people can already check their email using mail application in handphone, not the web one. Even without BlackBerry Messenger, many people can chat using their handphone, cross platform, cross device (read here for more).

The good thing about BlackBerry before the boom: the internet service was designed to be able to use in other devices beside BlackBerry, like HTC, Nokia (Communicator and E-Series), and Sony Ericcson. But after the boom, RIM decided that BlackBerry internet services can only be used in BlackBerry devices.

For such a good service that isn’t supported by good devices, the decision will surely not stay for a long time. Why? Because people are looking for more real smartphone. Who isn’t just selling push email and instant messenger. Because all real smartphone could do that.

In my humble opinion, RIM should’ve just focused on what they know best, developing the internet service. No need to join the sales war between the devices, because apparently it’s not good to go in a war we don’t know.

This post is written due to text messaging that came into my inbox a few days ago, sent as hot news service from my phone provider. It said: BlackBerry will soon be available for Android and iPhone.


Who want to laugh with me? πŸ˜‰

(Just) Give Them Gadgets

12 Aug

When we look around in any crowded place where mass of people from different ages gathered, we might reach to this conclusion: how easy for adults nowadays to keep their children quiet in a crowd.

Years ago, there were people who easily disturbed by the (annoying) voice of little kids. How the kids cry, whine, sulk, or even shout near them although the kids were not theirs, might drove them crazy.

But adults nowadays could still hang out in public while bring their kids together with them, without getting worry their kids might cause any voice polution to the public. The noise cancelling trick? Just give any gadget to each of their kids, I bet no sound could be heard from the little group.

I witness this a few years ago in an airport. The kids just litterally sat on the floor playing with their gadgets, while waiting for mommy taking a queue to withdrawn money, and daddy taking zoom-in-pictures (haha!) of the kids with his DSLR.


Perfect potrait of a family in public? Not to me. If only raising kids is that easy.

Who’s Actually The Bad Guy, Samsung or Apple?

6 Jun

Since the final year of my college time, I’ve been regularly reading 9gag. It was irritating back to 2 years ago, because everytime I found something funny and referred it to BF, either he didn’t want to read it or he didn’t find it funny.

Later on I found out that he finally started reading 9gag. When I teased him, he said it was because of his guy friends who kept feeding him about jokes on 9gag. Huh. Don’t you hate it when your partner doesn’t believe in your taste yet they try it right away after their friends tell them to?

Picture Source

Anyway, a few days ago I read above post on 9gag. It’s funny, write Samsung and Apple in one sentence, then everybody loses their mind. As if Android vs iOs war is only between Samsung and Apple. Though it’s true, Samsung holds the major share for Android phones.

I found the post a little bit funny actually. So what if Samsung does supply the retina display to Apple? Does manufacturing it makes Samsung better than Apple? So what if Apple outsource parts of their devices to other parties? This practice has been long known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

That’s what Nike does with their shoes. They design, and let their manufacturing partner produce it for them. I call it smart, Nike wouldn’t have any factory (read: fixed) cost. Yet their profit remains high due to sales of the products. That’s why branding plays a big role there.

Apple spends their biggest investment in research & development. Breaktrough in design is what they aim. In this information era, idea becomes a very valuable thing. There’s a reason why company pays white-collar worker more expensive than blue-collar worker isn’t it?

It’s not Apple fault they don’t mass produce what they’ve designed. It’s actually a benefit of Samsung. They can learn the technology from Apple by manufacturing their products.

It’s a business. Should be a win-win solution for both parties. No one forces Apple nor Samsung to fo so. Later on, Samsubg can steal the knowledge and produce it on their products and sell on lower price. That’s what Samsung has been doing anyway. πŸ˜€

Samsung Printed Ad

Budgeted-travel Tips and Tricks

1 Apr

Always search and check for informations about the travel destination. There are many ways to go to Rome, including to our travel destination. If you can’t afford plane, go by train. If you still can’t afford it, bus is always an option.

To wander around the city, you can rent a car for day(s) or even rent a motorcycle. Using public transportation like MRT, commuter train, or bus is also okay.

For budgeted-travel, please note taxi is not an option. Especially in a tourism spot like Bali, Indonesia. Taximeter there increases quickly, by an eye-blink. Imagine how hurted your eyes will be because you’re afraid to blink to avoid the meters to going up in a long trip.


Love to take pictures but doesn’t have tripod? You don’t have to buy one if you can’t lend it from friends or relatives. Be creative. Use whatever tools you find in the spot to support your camera, eventhough the camera you use is only from mobile phone.

In our latest trip on mid-march, my boyfriend used his iPhone to capture our moments together with my iPhone as the tripod. He didn’t want to bother other people who were also taking pictures, our gadgets were used effectively. Trusted him, he’s an engineer. πŸ˜€

No, we can not afford this. :p

If snorkling and or diving is included in your holiday activity but you don’t have an underwater and or a waterproof camera, don’t worry.

You can always cover your standard digital pocket camera with thick plastic and use it underwater. Trust me, my friend did this in our trip on November last year and her camera was just fine up until this time. The photo result? Not bad.

If you don’t have pocket camera either, just equipped your mobile phone with waterproof case. It’s available everywhere, especially if yours is apple-brand mobile phone.


What’s your trick? πŸ˜‰

Whatsapp, Dude

25 Oct

I know that some of us usually greet our friends with casual greeting, β€œWhat’s up, Dude?”. The name of the mobile messaging application is perhaps inspired by that. But believe me, writing down the application name not as it is, but as Whatsup or Wazzap or the like, is never cool, Dude.

According to its website,

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

The cross-platform point is the reason why I use this application in my Nokia E60 in the first place. I remember how I used to resent so much to Blackberry Messenger, all apologies go to my friends never tired to ask me to buy a Blackberry.

Why do we buy Blackberry if it isn’t classified as smartphone? The phone itself is never smart enough, no good camera, no unique applications. All smartphones nowadays already provide push mail system, if we can afford the phone bill.

If the only reason we buy Blackberry is because of its messenger, hey? Unless what we want is a small scoop pretentiously exclusive group of chat, then there’s no reason of using it. Be exclusive and missed out all of our friends out there who choose to use iPhone, Android, Symbian and other phones.

With Blackberry messenger, we need to ask for someone’s Blackberry PIN number in order to be connected with them. With Whatsapp, we only need to record their phone number. What if the internet connection got sucked up? If we only have their Blackberry PIN number, without knowing their mobile number, we’re fucked up. But if we have their mobile number, we can send them SMS or phone them. But why record so many if we can only record one and get many?

Unless it’s cordially by our company to use it and they are willingly pay for it (both the device and the phone bill), so why stick with Blackberry? Tell me.

Under my permit, this post has been edited and published in DVRG Magazine by Inandira, one of its founding mother.