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When It Comes to Love

19 May

When it comes to love
…even a smart person can be stupid.
…a healthy person can be sick.
…a full-sighted person can be blind.

But sometimes we have to learn
…that something is so high in the sky for us to reach
…that something is not for us to have
…that something is what we really need to let go.


Happy Birthday, Sister!

22 Oct

Dear you,
Mutia Afifah Riza

My sister,
I know our family doesn’t celebrate birthday as it supposed to be
But this is the first birthday you’re apart from mom and dad
I genuinely hope you have a blast day!

My dearest sister,
You’re no longer a baby girl
Instead I think you’re the most mature person in the family
I envy you for the strength you’ve shown all this time

My loveliest sister,
You’re twenty today
But I think it’s just a number
I know you have a bright future ahead waiting for you to overcome it

The best sister in the whole world,
I love you for who you are and for the person you choose to be
I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world
I wish you be blessed of all luck and success

Happy birthday my one and only sister!
I know mom and dad proud to have a daugher like you
Because I do, to have a sister like you 🙂

smooch :*

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[poem] We Are Alive

22 Jul

From all the possibilities I could do
I choose to write what came into my mind
I choose to write what I feel to express my emotion
I choose to write anything that interest me

Because writing means having a documentary of our existance
Leaving the fingerprint on the things we touched
Leaving hard evidence that we’re not just another dusts in the universe

We are the dusts who are alive

[poem] i don’t have to give it a title

20 Apr

because I know how does it feels like
because I think I know what I feel
because I might know exactly what it is

another fear I feel
am afraid that everything’s unreal
when I’m pretty sure right now
that it all feels so real
good enough to make me un-numb

dont take away my feeling
dont take away the sensation
that I can get from current situation
my condition

I know what I do
and I keep doing it anyway
even if there’s enough possibility
even if maybe in the end
it turns out to be a fake

Be Careful With What You Wished For

2 Apr

Be careful with what you wished for
You’d never know what would happened with the wish that you’ve once said
You’d never know whether it just disappeared in the sky or flew through the universe to the place where He belongs

Be careful with what you wished for
You’d never know whether God would hear your pray or not
You’d never know whether He heard you at the wrong time

Be careful with what you wished for
You’d never know whether God waited for you to wished for the right one
You’d never know whether God waited the right time to fulfill your wish

Be careful with what you wished for
You’d never know what it might ended up

good luck dear [2]: brother

22 Mar

this is the day

they might say your 17th birthday was your whole new life
but i say.. today is the day of your new adventure
today is the start for you to reach your dream
today is your battleship to prove everyone who doubt you
that you can do it and you’re able to do it

mom loves you alot and that’s what makes you fragile
but you can show the others today
that mom’s love is one of the thing that strenghten you

i believe in you

good luck dear brother 🙂
i know you can beat it and you know you can
let’s pray to God to show you the way
to brighten up your day
may God always blesses you dear


17 Mar

a good-bye song from me to you, my dear friend

take care