Anemia Survivor

28 Mar

No family’s perfect. Every family is struggling with their own problems. And one of ours is Kid O’s apparently unhealthy red blood. He is rarely sick, but whenever he is, he ended up being hospitalized :’)

Taken on January 2019

Earlier this year (just a day after new year), Kid O’s haemoglobin level dropped to 3.8, the healthy level is 12. We took him to emergency at night, turned out he had to spent nights in the hospital for 4 bags of blood tranfusion (1 bag each day). It was so sudden, we didn’t see it coming. Just 2 hours before he cried crazily telling his stomachache, he was still jumping and rolling on the bed :’)

After series of blood tests (including my blood and his daddy) in the last 3 months, moving from hospital to another hospitals, moving from peds to peds, from peds to haematologist, conclusion has been made today. Kid O in fact has iron deficiency anemia, he got it from me. His condition is more severe than mine, although he seems perfectly healthy. But thank goodness it’s not thalassemia, like the initial diagnosis. Second opinion (or more) when drawing medical conclusion is indeed important :’)

Note to self that anemia when leave untreated may caused a serious illness, especially if pass to baby through pregnancy. Always take our medicines and check up our health periodically 💪🏻

Now Kid O has to take his iron supplement 3 times a day and follow a dietary therapy in the next 3 months. Let get’s healthy Kid O, we can beat it 😘


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