Happy 2nd Birthday, Kid O

25 Mar

Another one year of learning as parents for mommy and daddy. Hopefully we did something right in taking care of Baby O, or let’s promote him to be Kid O now 👶🏻🎂👦🏻

No, we didn’t make a birthday party for Kid O’s 2nd birthday. We don’t want him learn a wrong message, that birthday means party. Because Kid O’s birthday is about mommy and daddy being grateful, that Kid O came to our life 2 years ago. We are more than grateful to be chosen as a pair of Baby O’s parents ❤️

Happy 2nd birthday, mommy and daddy’s brightest kid. Hopefully you grow to be a bright kid that always lights anyone’s way even from a far, like the wish we put in your name. Mommy and daddy love you very much 👪❤️

On a side note, Kid O loves his 2nd birthday cake very much ❤️❤️❤️ He loves every details of it, he wants to take and eat the 3d figures off the cake since he 1st laid his eyes on the cake 👦🏻😍🚲

Kid O also loves the taste of the cake very much 👦🏻❤️🎂🚲 He only want to eat his birthday cake, doesn’t want to eat anything else 😅

Mommy and daddy always satify when ordering custom 3D birthday cake for Kid O in The Harvest. Especially when this year request was Baby boy’s 3D birthday cake with 4-wheels white bicycle (no, we don’t fancy superheroes, they don’t mean anything to Kid O, yet). The birthday cake turns out great (both in display and taste) 🎂😍😋 Thank you very much, The Harvest 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️


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