Happy 1st Birthday, Baby O :*

27 Mar

My giant baby O was turning 1 last saturday. He was 4.05kg 55cm the day he born. Last month he was already 11kg 76.5cm. All hail the power of breastmilk 🙂

Happy 1st birthday my little star ⭐️. Keep shining bright (Hatsya) on mommy and daddy’s restless night, keep rising (Orion) to achieve the baby milestones unexpectedly. Hopefully you’ll grow to be the most lovable boy and love mommy and daddy the most :*

Just like other people say, the birthday baby might not understand about his 1st birthday. Because any baby’s 1st birthday is for the parents to be grateful that the baby was born and they survive the 1st year of inexperienced parenthood 😂

Baby O’s 1st Birthday

That’s why we still decided to celebrate Baby O’s 1st birthday. Not in the form of a party, but small blessing among family as a reminder for us to be always grateful.

Baby O’s 1st Birthday with The Family

Happy birthday, my dearest baby! :*


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