[Review] Playground in Jakarta: Miniapolis

27 Feb

One of the perks on accompanying my husband to go to the office on saturday. Baby O gets to play in the Miniapolis Playground in Plaza Indonesia while waiting for his daddy. He cried at first, when husband had to go to work.

But Baby O only cried for a short time, because there are many attractions in the playground that can be played by kids below 2 years old:

1️⃣ Ball pool

Baby O is joyfully swimming with the balls


The unique ball pool where all the balls are cutely white. In other playground, the balls are colorful.

2️⃣ Slide

3️⃣ Swing

There’s a javanese tradition to put baby to sleep using indoor homemade swing. Although husband has javanese blood runs in his vein, Baby O isn’t raised with this tradition. So it was Baby O’s first time experience to swing, on a swing. He was kind of surprise at first. But look how relaxed Baby O’s face enjoying his first swing moment in the playground 🙂

4️⃣ Crick Garden

Husband and I love this multishape blue soft sponge. Parents can creatively build any construction they could imagine for the baby to play. Or let the baby build is also a safe option, since the material is extremely bouncy. For us, it’s introducing Baby O to life size Lego in the playground since he’s a little, yeay

5️⃣ And many other attractions 🙂

Waiting time has never been this interesting ❤️


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