Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang! :*

13 Sep

Dear Papi Prasetya Wibowo,

Thank you for having the patience during our togetherness in the last 5 years..

Thank you for always being there during 16 months of our marriage life..

Thank you for having an adorable baby with me and raising Baby O till the end..

Thank you for all the love, care, protection, guidance, sharing, moment, happiness, laughter, and hope that entangled in our life..

Hope you can always be super daddy to Baby O..

Hope you are given all the strength to be superman in the family..

Hope you are always be blessed and guarded in His arms..

Hope we can always be together for the next 50 years and more.. Aamiin.

Love you more and always, my man 😘😘😘

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One Response to “Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang! :*”


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