The Breastfeeding Baby

10 Sep

Breastfeed is a mutual relationship between mother and child. Any child has the right to get breastmilk. Any mother needs to let the milk out of the breast. It’s actually a win-win solution.

Up until he’s 24 weeks 2 days old, Baby O is one of full breastfeeding baby. Thank goodness for this, because there was a drama when Baby O was just days old.

When I couldn’t produce breastmilk since the day Baby O was born until the day we arrived home from hospital, mother-in-law furiously told me to feed Baby O with formula milk. Thank goodness I said no. Thank goodness my mom fully supported me to breastfeed. After lots of pumping and stress released, Baby O finally drank breastmilk when he was 4 days old.

It’s a matter of believe and never give up 🙂 Below is Baby O’s body weight and height records with only drinking breastmilk. It’s a blast:

NB: 4.0kg 55cm

3d: 3.7kg

2w: 4.4kg

4w: 5.6kg

8w: 6.6kg

12w: 7.6kg 65cm

16w: 8.3kg

20w: 9.1kg

24w: 9.7kg 71w

RSIA Asih: Ori 24w2d old

Can’t stop wondering how big wil Baby O be when he starts eating solid food on his 6 months old. Hope mommy can fully breastfeed Baby O until he’s 2 years old. Aamiin 🙂


One Response to “The Breastfeeding Baby”

  1. Novroz September 23, 2016 at 8:18 pm #

    I am also planning on breastfeeding and stock a lot of ASIP for my baby when I start working again.

    Good for you for sticking up not giving formula. he looks so healthy

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