The Beauty of Commuting

1 Sep

Commuting between work and home means sacrificing several hours per day in our life being on the street.

It’s daily routine when husband and I see people who are in hurry to arrive home soon. They run on the street, they cut lines, they elbow others just to get into the public transport, just to be home as soon possible.

Inside Jakarta Commuter Line

Picture Source

Husband and I already realized it years ago back when we’re still dating. Our judgement that day, they did everything because they commuted alone, because they couldn’t wait to meet their love ones at home. Read here for more detail.

So blessed that husband and I were and are commuting together, both in dating time and marriage time. The life on the street became our quality time together, when not dealing with work, when not taking care of Baby O. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to spent more time with Baby O, we definitely want to. To look on the positive side, it’s a blessing in disguise for married couple. Just like people said, it’s the quality time that matters, not the quantity. 

Daily 4 hours of Jakarta traffic jam? Beat me


One Response to “The Beauty of Commuting”

  1. Arman September 3, 2016 at 7:24 am #

    Kalo comute nya bareng lebih ok ya bisa quality time. Kalo sendiri tuh pasti bete karena berasa wasting time ya

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