Baby O’s First Time Experience [3]

2 Jul

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Baby O’s First Time Grocery Shopping

Usually, I made the list of things to buy, husband buy the goods while Baby O and I wait in the car in parking lot :D. But not that day. He was 10 weeks 6 days old when husband and I decided to bring him along to grocery shopping in the nearest supermarket from home. Thank goodness Baby O enjoyed the shopping, visiting aisle after aisle, and didn’t cry at all. 🙂

Baby O’s First Time Taxi Riding

He was 11 weeks 4 days old when riding taxi for the first time in his life. It was after he got DPT (Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus) vaccine shot, when Baby O and I took a taxi from the hospital to the mall where husband’s office located. Thank goodness Baby O got the type of DPT vaccine that wouldn’t caused him get any fever (Pediacel), so he soundly slept during the whole taxi ride.

Baby O’s First Time Flying

People said traveling with baby is troublesome. There are many things to bring along. Setting up baby feeding time is not easy either. Baby sleeping time may also not be disturbed. But it wasn’t a problem when Baby O was 13 weeks 5 days old. At that time, husband and I traveled with Baby O from Jakarta to husband’s hometown. He wore his earmuff all the time and when he cried, I just breastfed him to sleep. 😀

Can’t hardly wait for his next first time experiences! 🙂


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