Baby O and The Feeding Bottle

25 Jun

Baby O’s first encouter with feeding bottle was on his first week of life after being born. At that time, I haven’t produced many milk to breastfeed thus I need to breast-pump to stimulate the milk production. 


Thank goodness I’ve heard of nipple confusion before giving birth, so I didn’t blindly follow my mother-in-law instruction to bottle-feed Baby O. Instead, I bottle-feed him using spoon bottle.

Nipple Bottle vs Spoon Bottle

Baby O was 9 weeks 5 days old when I finally succeed in bottle-feed him with nipple bottle. He refused at first of course, but after he realized he was very hungry and won’t get any direct breastmilk, he gave up and drank from the bottle-feed.

Mommy’s good baby boy. He could understand that he needed to learn to drink from nipple bottle so he could still drink breastmilk when mommy is at work. :’)


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