Baby O’s First Time Experience [2]

4 Jun

This is the 2nd part of Baby O’s first time experience post. To read the 1st part, click here.

Baby O’s First Time Photo Session

Baby O was 6 weeks 2 days old when husband’s family went to Jonas Photo Studio in Summarecon Mall Serpong. Husband’s brother didn’t have his graduation’s photo yet, while his graduation day was back in 2014. Husband’s family were in Jakarta that long weekend for Baby O’s aqiqah.

So Baby O and I tagged along to the mall, and also took 3 shots for Baby O’s photo in the studio. Of course it was plenty times retake to make sure the photos could capture Baby O’s best facial expression :D.

So what do you think of Baby O’s first time photo session?

Baby O’s First Time Wedding Reception

Baby O was 7 weeks 2 days old when husband and I attended Dinta’s wedding. Dinta is Danti’s sister, a friend of mine since colleague time. I still remember the time I attended Dinta’s sweet 17th birthday party back in Bandung. And exactly that day last year, Dinta was the guest of my wedding :D. How time flies fast.

Baby O was calm during the wedding reception, always looking up, perhaps amazed with the bright lightning. He was also calmly mingled for the first time with his non-blood related aunties, uncles, and sister in the event. I might not need to worry much about Baby O’s social skill in the future. 😉

Baby O’s First Time Playdate

They weren’t really playing neither dating, but let’s just say it was playdate. Baby O, 8 weeks 1 day old, was having his regular sunbath while baby-girl-next-door came approached with her nanny. She then circulated Baby O and rocked Baby O’s chair because it was indeed a rocking chair. It happened for almost 15 minutes. What a girl magnet 😉

13mo baby girl vs 2mo baby boy 😀

We really can’t wait to let Baby O makes his other first time experience! 🙂

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