Modern Marriage Life

28 May

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott is one of comic strips that I read alot. It tells us about daily life of working husband Darryl and house wife Wanda while having 3 kids in the family; daughter Zoe, son Hammie, and daughter Wren. It has been published since 1995 up until this day.

I remember reading this one story where on one night, Darryl decided to help Wanda with household duty which made Wanda hugged and smooched Darryl. Yes, any wife will feel really thankful when the husband helped her with household duty. Even if it’s only a one time help. Imagine if the husband regularly helped the wife, how lucky the wife may feel.

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I know exactly how blessed it feels, because that’s what happened with me and husband. Husband helped me alot with cooking. In fact, he’s the main cook in our little family. Partly because I don’t know how to cook, yet. Other part because I don’t have the time to cook, yet. Baby O still hasn’t found rhytm in his daily schedule.

It’s more like a shared duty actually. When husband cooks, I accompany Baby O. When I do the rest of household duties (wash & clothes, wash & dry dishes, clean house, etc), he accompanies Baby O. When he works, I’m the one who accompany Baby O. During my maternity leave, there are only the 3 us at home. But when husband and I work, my mom will accompanies Baby O. Maybe this is one form of modern marriage life.

Other modern marriage life might be in the form of long distance marriage. Where the husband works in another city while wife and kids stay at home. Or where the husband gets a scholarship abroad but couldn’t bring along the family, so the wife and kids stay at home. Or where the wife works outside the country while husband works in the country.

Whichever form the marriage is, it should be based on trust to make it last long. The husband should trust the wife and should be trusted by the wife, and vice versa. They might be not always together all day long, or week long, but they know they have each other in their heart. That way, they can peacefully do what they have to do (work, study, etc) without worrying or be hassled by the partner.

Husband and I have been together since mid of 2011 before marrying in May 2015. It’s 4 years of dating and 1 year of marriage, yet we still need to learn many things about relationship. There’s still 50 more years to go, that’s the goal. 🙂

Love you always, beb. :*


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