Family Theme TV Series

21 May

It’s almost 2.5 years since the last time I wrote about movie related post (click here to read). The reason is because I rarely watched tv series anymore. Mainly because I lost access to watch tv series. There were many sources to get the free soft file back in college time, I also still got allowance from parents to buy DVD versions. To spend my own salary to buy tv series DVD was such a luxury for me. Partly because I didn’t have much time to watch tv series anymore. Too tired to watch after getting back from the office, too much time spent outside the dorm in the weekend.

Anyhow, there are 3 family theme comedy tv series that I like to watch:

Modern Family

The first time I watched this serial tv was back in college time, alone using laptop, in between the writing of my thesis. In the first season, the film tells about 3 families of Father Jay Pritchett (along with his 2nd wife and step son), Daughter Claire Dunphy (along with his husband and 3 kids), and Son Mitchell Pritchett (along with his spouse).
Why modern family? Because Father Jay is remarried to his very young Colombian 2nd wife, whose around the same age with his Daughter Claire. They also have newborn kid together in season 7. Because Son Mitchell is gay and married to his male spouse. They also have adopted Asian kid in season 3. Daughter Claire might look like has the most normal family compared to others. And the 3 families live closed to each others in modern-day Los Angeles suburban area.

The film has reached its 8th season which started airing in March 2016.

Raising Hope

Another family theme comedy serial tv that lighted up my day and night when watched it with husband (BF at that time) using laptop. I was surprised he enjoyed watching this film because he actually doesn’t like to watch serial tv, and he only like to watch action movies. It was my only hope at that time that he familiarized with the idea of raising a kid, and hopefully with me. ūüôā

In the first season, the film tells about Father Jimmy who had to raise unexpected Daughter Hope with Great Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma. Father Jimmy never married mother, they only had 1 night stand before Mother went to prison, and later died. Raising Daughter Hope was Father Jimmy’s life turning point remembering he’s a slacker to still live with his parents. He also got the chance to get close with the girl of his dream, thanks to Hope.

The film has reached its 4th season, the season finale aired back in April 2014.

Life in Pieces

I watched this family theme comedy serial tv during my maternity leave, alone using cable tv at home. Thank goodness I could squeeze the time to watch it in the afternoon or at night when Baby O’s sleeping.

The film always consist of 4 pieces of story in each episodes. Of which, Father John and Mother Joan Short, who live closely with Daughter Heather Hughes (along with her husband and 3 kids), Son Matt Short (along with his girlfriend), and Son Greg Short (along with his wife and newborn daughter). 

The finale of 1st season was just aired in early May 2016.

Somehow those tv series are closely related to my current life with husband and Baby O since my parents also live nearby with us. They moved to town November last year, in preparation the birth of Baby O. Later when my maternity leave expires, my mother will take care of Baby O when husband and I work at the office. It should be okay for Baby O since husband and I were both taken care of by our own grandma.


3 Responses to “Family Theme TV Series”

  1. Arman May 21, 2016 at 3:57 am #

    pernah nonton parenthood gak? kalo belum, nonton deh.. bagus banget.

    • fullfaze May 21, 2016 at 4:22 am #

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  2. partnerinvain May 24, 2016 at 1:17 pm #

    life in pieces ini lucu banget aku juga suka nonton, fresh off the boat itu juga lucu soundtracknya lagu2 90 an dulu jaman family ties,the cosby dll suka banget nonton sekarang jarang dibikin yaa

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