Baby O’s First Time Experience

14 May

One of the exciting thing of having a baby is having the opportunity to give the baby his/her first time experience. There is a long list of first time activities for him/her to do. 

Baby O’s First Time Dine Out

He was 4 weeks 1 day old when we brang him along to dine out in a Japanese restaurant, Ichiban, at the nearest mall from home, Margo City. Husband’s brother from Surabaya slept at our house for work interview that weekend, and husband wanted to treat his brother proper dinner before going back the next day.

Of course Baby O ate nothing there. He just soundly slept in his stroller during the time. Except at the end of the meal when he woke up hungry. 😀

Baby O’s First Time Check In

Baby O was 5 weeks 3 days old when we brang him along in workday. I had a job interview that evening and husband had to work late until midnight. We decided to check in to Le Green Suite Setiabudi because husband had an importante pre-sales meeting to client-to-be the next day.

It wasn’t in a fancy hotel, not even during vacation. We checked in to what we thought comfortable enough for Baby O to stay in for the night. Although he didn’t have his own bed like at home, but Baby O could have customized baby tafel. 😀

Baby O’s First Time Haircut

Baby O was 6 weeks 1 day old when we held Aqiqah for him. He already experienced hair loss before Aqiqah, so husband and I decided to get all of his haircut when he had the first time haircut.

2 days after Aqiqah, again we went to the nearest mall from home, Margo City. Baby O didn’t cry at all during the process. Thank you Ms. Kiddie Cuts.

Day by day, Baby O is growing older. Husband and I can’t wait to explore the world with him. 🙂

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