Pre-Wed vs Maternity Photo Shoots

30 Apr

They said quality comes with money. In some cases, I believe it too.

Back when husband was still my fiance, we wanted to take pre-wedding photo shoots like other newlywed-to-be in the entire marriage universe. Problems were, our time was limited, our budget was tight. Hiring a professional photographer was totally not an option.
Gladly took part in our wedding preparation, my brother and cousin were willing to take our pre-wedding photos. Since cousin lost her DSLR camera, they used husband’s camera instead. There was no make up artist, clothes were endorsed by our own wardrobes😀, photo locations were around our aunt’s house as home based.

The result might be not as fancy as if we took it with professional photographer. But we were happy with it. The photo session, the result. Everything.

Fast forward to the time when husband was father-to-be. We were gladly waiting for Baby O to come and wished to capture the moment how grateful we were.

Again our time was limited, our budget was tight, but we were slightly smarter than before. We decided not to hire professional photographer, but instead took the photo shoots in our trusted photo studio, Jonas.😀

There was still no make up artist, clothes were still endorsed by our own wardrobes😀. But camera and photographer were knowingly credible to take memorable photos. Thankfully we were more than happy with the photo session and results.

However in this case, I think it isn’t. Thank you Sarah & Ekal🙂

One Response to “Pre-Wed vs Maternity Photo Shoots”

  1. zahrafauzyyah April 30, 2016 at 10:18 am #

    Hahahaahaha tinggal foto sama dedek ori nya yaa yg belom

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