Husband and Little Humans

9 Apr

I remember back when we were only dating, husband (BF at that time) told me that his friends’ baby was just born. But the story only contained that news, “X’s baby was just born”, no other information.

I was excited and wanted to know more, asked him “Is it a baby boy or girl? What’s the name?”. He answered with, “Don’t know, I didn’t asked”, as if he shared no interest at all.

This situation happened not only once or twice, but always whenever his friends’ baby was just born. My brain that time alerted me, “Mayday! He might not like little humans”. Oh no. Big NO.

If you know me outside school or office, you surely know how much I love little humans. I might look like someone who will become tiger mother, but deep inside my heart is as soft as marshmallow when it comes to little humans *tsaaahh*.

Since then, it became my mission to make husband (BF at that time) to love little humans more, at the very least accustomed to be with little humans. I didn’t want someone who I expected to be the father of my kids *ehm* to be cold with my future kids *ehm*.

But the only little human we can play with is my little cousin, Wanshan. This is one of the reason why I’m more than happy to bring husband (BF at that time) to go to my aunt’s house.

It was hard at first, especially when husband (BF at that time) had no previous experience with little humans. On the ealier time, husband (BF at that time) was only brave enough to caress little cousin’s hair.

But trust me, no one can resist my little cousin’s charm even if you are a strong masculine man. By the time went by, husband was able to hold little cousin on his arms cautiously. Finally at the end, he is able to hold little cousin with smile.

Husband’s transformation with little cousin



Husband with our newborn son

My hardwork is paid off, don’t you think? 🙂


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