Totally Worth It

2 Apr

People say having a baby is daily struggle. For me, the struggle already began before the baby was born. Because it already was a struggle just to meet Baby O for the first time.

Most of babies are born when they reach 38 weeks inside mothers’ belly. But not Baby O, he didn’t even want to go out when he reached 40 weeks. Which caused me worry, because my Obgyn (dr. Bintari Puspasari) said the longer the baby stays inside, the worse the placenta quality to feed the baby.

That’s why I was recommended to deliver via induction by the time Baby O reaches 41 weeks if I wish to continue the natural birth plan. Longer than that, my Obgyn would only allow Sectio Caesaria to get Baby O outside my belly. I preferred to wait until the last minute due before proceeding to induction. I really don’t want to have Baby O through operation.
Friday (40 week 1 day), no contraction.

Saturday (40 week 2 day), no contraction. Supposed to be control schedule but my Obgyn is out of town.

Sunday (40 week 3 day), no contraction.

Monday (40 week 4 day), no contraction. Obgyn recommended induction that day, but I wasn’t ready, asked for postponed.

Tuesday (40 week 5 day), no contraction.

Wednesday (40 week 6 day), 3 AM, 1 opening.

Thursday (40 week 7 day), 3 AM, 2 opening. Avoiding Sectio, I agreed with Obgyn to conduct balloon catheter at 5 PM in the you know where to speed up the opening.

Friday (41 week 1 day), 8 AM, 5 opening. Continueing the process, I was infused induction at 9 AM to speed up the opening and the contraction. 1:30 PM, 7 opening. 4:45 PM, 10 opening. 5:15 PM, Baby O was born.


Orion: Rising in the sky (Greek); Hatsya: The brightest star (Arabic); Pradia: Child of Pras and Nadia


Trust me, the last 30 minutes before Baby O was born was the hardest breath I have ever had in my life. It was supposed to be long breaths to help Baby O pushed the way out. But instead, I could only took the short and less short and less shorter breaths due to my short breath.

The whole process was total struggle with sweats, blood, and tears. If it wasn’t for my husband who accompanied me through out the delivery process, my pro-natural-birth pro-breastfeed Obgyn, and very patient midwive, I might not be able to deliver natural birth in the end.

Totally worth it to meet Baby O for the first time. Love you till the end, Ori :*


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