Pregnant Mother Activity: Lots of Walk

4 Mar

Do pregnant mothers need it? Why do they have to? Is it a must? My obgyn said that I need to walk more if I want baby O’s head to be in labor position on time. It doesn’t have to be lots of walk. Doing lots of (heavy) activities will cause the same outcome.

Then why do people usually ask me, “Have you took the morning walk?”. Umm no. That’s always my answer. When I’m in a good mood to explain, I’ll add that husband and I wouldn’t have the time due to our daily commute routine. When I’m in better in a better mood to explain, I’ll also add that I’ve took once or twice morning walk on sunday. But that’s it.

When husband and I have the time to do morning walk (read: sunday), we usually oversleep due to saturday night activity. Ehm. Weekday morning is definitely impossible. Saturday morning is also not an option because I have to go to the obgyn for bi-weekly/weekly control. So that left us with evening walk choice.

Yes, seriously. At the mall. Haha.  

 Image Source

At least it offers us a better view, we can do it while window shopping. It offers us time and place flexibility, we can choose whichever mall we want to discover each late night. It also gives the same result (i.e. low cost and healthy pregnant mother).

It’s actually a blessing in disguise with my husband’s work. His job requires him to change working places, from Kota Kasablanka to Grand Indonesia. It gives us the opportunity to also discover nearby malls while waiting for the right time to go home (i.e. no traffic ahead).

So which type of pregnant mother are you? 🙂


One Response to “Pregnant Mother Activity: Lots of Walk”

  1. fitrimelinda March 7, 2016 at 7:39 am #

    hahahah…enak juga ya..ngemall sekalian olahraga.. 😀
    aku dulu sih paling jalan kaki doang..soalnya ga ada mall di sawahlunto.. :(((

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