Baby Shopping List

26 Feb

Based on Javanese tradition, pregnant mother may only buy baby products after 7th month pregnancy. Trust me, by the time I entered my 7th month pregnancy, I was quite excited. I finally got to buy cute baby products after months of waiting. That’s what I thought.

Turned out, I could start buying baby products when I entered 36th week pregnancy. Yes, 9th month pregnancy to be exact. The reason is because there are sooo many baby products to buy (see the list in Bahasa Indonesia from Fifi Alvianto’s blog in here).

Husband is NOT the-shopping-guy-type. He doesn’t like to window shop. He doesn’t like to visit many stores just to compare the price. He is the type of vini, vidi, vici. He comes to store, he sees, he buys. That’s it.

The same with Baby O’s shopping list. He prefers to only shop in 1 day, in 1 store, then finished. I’m actually fine with whichever method, as long as the list are all bought. Besides, with my bulky body condition, the lesser back and forth to the store, the better. 😀

So voila, we bought Baby O’s stuffs from 2 stores, located in 1 shopping mall, on 1 day only. The big pile of stuffs were heavy, but of course my superman brought them for me :D. What surprised me the most is how unreasonably expensive baby related products are no matter how small the size. 😉

Having baby needs lots of preparation (money, time, energy). It’s better to be prepared to be able to give the best for the baby.


One Response to “Baby Shopping List”

  1. zahrafauzyyah April 1, 2016 at 10:00 pm #

    Love love dedek ori 😘💕

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