8 Hours a Day

5 Feb

We, as human, are only given 24 hours a day to live. If we use 8 hours to sleep, other 9 hours to work, we still have another 7 hours left. Let say we use 1 hour to take baths (morning and evening, including grooing), 1.5 hours to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner), total 1 hour to pray, and another 2 hours transport time needed to go from/back home. This left us 1.5 hours to do unproductive activities like socializing, staring at the wall, reminiscing before sleep, etc.

But as a woman, I know for sure 1 hours per day to take 2 baths plus groomimg is not enough. We need at least 2 hours day for it, aren’t we? 😉 Total 1 hour per day for pray might not be enough for those we are religious ones. And for those who are commuting from work to home, especially in big city like Jakarta and surroundings, 2 hours of transport time per day surely is not enough.

We, as human, are only granted 24 hours per day. With so many things to do in limited time, there are surely things need to be sacrificed to fit all these activities in 1 time frame.

Living in a dorm house near the office, makes me and husband only need 0.5 hour of transport time to go from/back home. 1 hour given for transport time will be traded off with the additional time I need to take baths, although I don’t put up make up whenever I go. Another 0.5 hour needed for additional time to pray, because my office doesn’t provide place to pray. This left me 0.5 hour allocated to do unproductive activities. How do you think I could write this blog post? 😉

I’ve once mentioned in my old post, that I’m not a big city kid. I prefer to live in the suburb where I can still have garden in front of the house to see the refreshing green living. Turned out, husband also have the same thinking with mine. That’s why after Baby O is born, me and husband will be commuting everyday from Jakarta’s suburb to central Jakarta where we work. We already took a trial if we use car, and it needed 2.5 hours in the morning to go from home, and another 2 hours at evening night to go back home. Total of 4.5 hours per day 😦


Image Source

If me and husband wish to keep the same lifestyle we have when we still live in the dorm house near office, our sleep time will surely need to be cut off by 2.5 hours per day. Because there’s no way we can cut off our office hour by 2.5 hours if we wish to have the same/increased salary, right? 😀 My colleagues in the office already warned me that I’ll be looking like a living zombie at work if me and husband pursue to live in Jakarta’s suburb

But hey, we can never have all we want right? In my case, to still have 8 hours sleep time everyday while live in the suburb and work in the central of Jakarta. One thing for sure, when we’re becoming parents, our kid(s) will be our number 1 priority, isn’t it? 🙂 If it’s the best for the kid(s) to live in the suburb, then let it be at whatever cost.

What about your time management? 🙂


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