About New Year Stories

15 Jan

Mom never allowed me to join any new year events when I still live under her roof.

The 1st new year event I had was with ex-BF (now husband) back in 2012, after I moved to Jakarta. We had dinner with my college friends in new year eve on roof top restaurant in Jakarta with hope to view the fireworks on Jakarta skyline. Does it mean we celebrate new year? In my defense, we just love to watch fireworks, especially the free ones. 😀

The 2nd new year night was in 2013. Not much of fun that night because ex-BF (now husband) and I was intervented by my big family. After family BBQ in new year eve, we got questioned about our future plan, including when will we got married. Ex-BF answered that he will marry me when I turned 25, as I once requested when he proposed to me long before that night.

The 3rd new year night was in 2014. Ex-BF and I had fancy dinner with his family in Ancol with hope to see another free fireworks. Once again, who doesn’t love fireworks especially the free ones? We never went to Ancol on new year night, neither did his family. So why not? 😀

The 4th new year night was in 2015. This was after ex-BF revisited his proposal to marry me on my 25th birthday. We didn’t have fancy dinner that evening, just usual dinner with my big family on my aunt’s house. The free fireworks? They were there on 12:00 AM as expected. 


The 5th new year night was in 2016. A lot of things happened with in a year. Ex-BF and I got married on May 2015. We celebrated unduh mantu on October 2015. I’m 29th week pregnant on new year eve. No fancy dinner like the previous year. What remains the same was we still amazed by the beautiful skyline created by the colorful (free) fireworks on 12:00 AM.

So it’s kind of surprised me when I heard that my cousins had their fun BBQ on new year eve, but fell asleep at 11:00 PM so they didn’t watch any fireworks on new year night. Dear cousins, what’s the point? Isn’t new year event is all about (free) fireworks? 😉

One Response to “About New Year Stories”

  1. gingerbreadandtea January 16, 2016 at 2:44 pm #

    Wahhh congrats on the 29th week of pregnancy ya naaad!! Eh berarti sekarang udah 30 something weeks dong ya? Sehat2 selalu mommy dan baby, semoga lancar lairannya 🙂 happy new year!

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