Hail to All Mothers in the World: Part 2

22 Dec

Following old post in my blog (click here to read), this comic strip made me think that we really should hail to all mothers in the world, literally.

 Picture Source

Being a wife is never easy, even if there are only 2 people in the family. Neither being a wife and a mother, especially being a working wife and a working mother at the same time. Because the ones that should be taken care of are not only the children, but also the father of the children.

Some people say, a man is looking for a mother figure in his future wife. Perhaps, his mother was the one who handled everything around the house during his childhood time. Therefore he could only think about financially supporting the family, and leave the rest to the future wife.

A wife job desc ranging from checking and buying household needs, cleaning and tidying the house, cooking and baking, to managing financial for the family. When children is added to the equation, a mother job desc is also playing and studying with children. Which is never easy.

Imagine how diverse a working wife and a working mother job desc would be. That’s why marriage and parenthood should be planned accordingly. So that girlfriend could have time to adapt being a wife, and mother could have time to adapt being a mother. Which again, is never easy.

With the bump in my belly, I could only hope that I would be at the very least as good as my mother in managing her family. Much better than she is would be great. Love you always mom. Happy mother’s day. :*

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