Double Celebration, Double Everything

24 Oct

Optimist people would say, Why do we only celebrate once when we actually can celebrate twice? Pessimist people would say, Why do we have to celebrate twice when we can only celebrate once? For some people, double celebration means double expense. It could also means double fatigue. For other people, double celebration means double blessed. It could also means double happiness.

When it comes to twice wedding receptions, it means twice the expense but also twice the gift, twice the fatigue but also twice the blessed. In the end, it will still cause twice the happiness. Because, who doesn’t love a party? ;)The real problem is why would there be any twice wedding receptions? Why not only make one, gather everything in one place, one time, one memory? The reason is maybe because wedding is not only about the groom and the bride. Wedding is also about their family.

When the happy couple wants to celebrate their marriage by their own way, their parents want it too. When the happy couple wants to invite all of their friends, their parents want it too. When the happy couple and their parents couldn’t combined their way together, hence the double celebrations.

Or it’s simply because of Indonesia’s Javanese tradition unduh mantu, which celebrated not long after the wedding reception. It’s another kind of wedding reception held by the parents of the groom to welcome the new bride into the family.

 (Un)fortunately, husband came from Javanese family who still follow some of Javanese traditions. (Un)fortunately, parents-in-law were more than happy to host unduh mantu in their house for their lovely son and new daughter. In the end, husband and I can never thank enough for all the bless and happiness we received during the double celebrations. 🙂


2 Responses to “Double Celebration, Double Everything”

  1. Arman October 24, 2015 at 11:05 pm #

    malah asik ya celebration nya dua kali… 🙂

  2. galuhbening January 14, 2016 at 8:27 pm #

    Naads, congrats for your marriage.
    Maap gw kudet nih, kurang gaul jd ga tau klo Nad udah married. Semoga happy and langgeng selalu, aamiinn..
    Thank you udah mampir, wkwkw. Ga ngangka ada yg comment ke post gw, hahahaha. Karena lg percobaan nih one post per day. Kirain kagak ada yg baca, buat curhat2 klo ga ada bahan..
    Btw, gw jg 2x reception, 3 times actually if including the reception after akad in the morning, the reception on the night, and unduh mantu. Tp asiiik, didandanin biar cantik, jd pusat perhatian, pake baju2 adat yg ga sempet dipake pas kartinian jaman tk-sd 😀
    And as my mentor in my previous work said, wedding is the parents celebration. Indeed it’s true. Undangannya kebanyakan undangan ortu :p But, I’m happy with that 😀

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