Bangkok Scammers: They Got Us

28 Sep

We never had this experience when we traveled in Indonesia, so when it happened to us in Bangkok (Thailand), we were totally unaware of it. The truth is, we don’t know that we got scammed that day until I read this in the internet just now.

It was Sunday noon after husband and I visited Wat Arun and Wat Pho. We wanted to visit the Grand Palace, which is located next to Wat Pho. Unfortunately, to enter the main entrance of Grand Palace from Wat Pho, it required a long walk. We didn’t have the energy for a long walk since we hadn’t have our lunch. Finding halal food in Bangkok is another story to tell.

So when we found a gate yet we were sure it’s not the main entrance, and a military looking man greeted us and told us that the Grand Palace was closed until 2PM because of Buddhist praying ceremony that day, we believed him. Don’t blame us, he had this “tourist police” tag on his shirt, he had this nice gesture, getting friendly with us, also jokingly told my husband that he looked like a Thai people. Which actually, he got a lot.

Then he suggested us to kill the time by visiting other tourism places, namely the temple of Standing Buddha (Wat Intharawihan), Gem Store, and one other place that I couldn’t recall, using tuk tuk for 200 Bahts. We were really tired and really wanted to sit down. So when being offered a tuk tuk drive, we just took it without a second thought. Not even thinking of bargaining the tuk tuk fee.

Many people got pissed off when they knew they got scammed. Husband and I didn’t, because we actually enjoyed to be re-routed to those places. We took some pictures in the temple of Standing Buddha. We bought some souvenirs in the Gem Store (it’s even mentioned as the old scam here). We even enjoyed when the tuk tuk driver drove us to a tailor store, to get 1L petrol voucher he said. In the end, we even added 60 Bahts for the tuk tuk driver.

Maybe it’s true when people say, happiness is in the eyes’ of the beholder. If we can turn bad things to positive things, we won’t be wasting another time of our limited time in life by being in bad mood. Don’t you agree? 😉

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